You Drink It – We’ll Deliver

On my fridge there is a magnet that reminds me: “so many wines, so little time.” The truth is that we are creatures of habit and despite so many options, it’s often easier to simply reach for a bottle of wine that we know.

A friend called me recently and asked me to help her buy wine for her 90-year-old parents. “They drink a glass of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc every day. And it’s been that way for years.” I have to admit, her parents have good taste in wine, yet I can only imagine what it is like to drink a zippy zingy high acidity wine each day. Shouldn’t it be that variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes?

I called her parents to find out what they really like to help guide me in their wine selection. It turns out that they buy this wine not only because they like it, but because they also know exactly where to find the bottles in the LCBO. The bottom line is they need shopping for wine to be easy. “It is mesmerizing looking at the thousands of different wine labels. We just want to go in, pick up what we want and get out of there with our supply of wine for the next few days,” they explained.

The words on the magnet echoed in my head. It occured to me that seniors, or for that matter, wine drinkers of any age, can enjoy the discovery of the world of wines without even stepping out their front door. There is no need for seniors to be driving on bad weather days during the winter, bound for the wine store. Other retailers, including grocery stores, have this figured out, launching online shopping services. Take it one step further, taxis and Uber will even pick up orders at the grocery store and deliver to seniors’ residences or homes.

When it comes to delivering wine or craft beer, Savvy Company’s sommeliers will take on the job. Amanda Jackson of Savvy, explains: “our sommeliers spend time finding out what customer like in a wine, then arrange for a customized assortment from various wineries throughout Ontario. And it will be delivered right to their door – home, office or even retirement residence.”

“When I learned this service existed, I was very interested,” says Catherine Strevens–Bourque, Director of Lifestyles and Community Relations at the Chartwell Rockcliffe Retirement Residence. “Customized wine delivery is a service our residents appreciate. Sage advice, excellent suggestions and more impressively, the Savvy Company will host a wine & cheese and provide ordering options. This is an absolute bonus and naturally, a well-attended social event.”

Alwyne Greenhalgh is 92 and lives in her own home with her husband Roy. Both appreciate the service. “No longer do we need to call our daughter to take us to the LCBO,” they say. “Over the years, our personal sommelier has found delicious wines that we would never have ventured to try. With service tailored to our budget, why wouldn’t anyone have wine delivered? It’s a great way to shop.”

Savvy’s oldest client is 102 and has only just realized how easy it is to enjoy the variety of the world of wine with her own personal sommelier. So why bother with traffic when a personal sommelier can pick wines especially for you to magically arrive at your doorstep. From the comfort of your own armchair, wine shopping has never been easier. I’ll drink to that.

Debbie Trenholm is the Founder & Sommelier, Savvy Company @SavvyDebbie