Young Ottawa Male’s Passion, Results in Unbelievable Success

Maurice is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, rapper, and engineer from Ottawa who worked hard to pursue his dreams.

Although he had a passion for music ever since he was a young boy, Maurice’s career truly jumpstarted when he applied for the Summer Company Grant offered by Ottawa City Hall.  He put together a business plan that detailed how he would establish a production and engineering business.   The plan was commended and resulted in him receiving the grant at just 14-years-old.



 Since building his own studio from scratch,  Maurice’s recognition as a musical talent has only grown. In 2010 he was exposed to the world of R&B as a member of Retrofuture, a voice duo launched with his sister Kelsey. This successful collaboration led to repetitive radio play by the age of 16 on one of the most popular radio stations across Canada, the New Hot 89.9.




 Maurice is now 17-years-old and has released an anxiously awaited debut album Paramount, on January 13th this year that consists of seven powerful singles. He produces his own materiel while also working with industry “veterans” such as Jerrin Howard, a Grammy Nominated producer and Arthur McArthur, who has been in collaboration with world famous rappers including Drake, Lil Wayne and Big Sean. Maurice has a prosperous future ahead of him as he continues to strive as an artist every moment of everyday while demonstrating immeasurable determination. If you have not already given Maurice’s debut Paramount a listen check it out at: Keep up with Maurice by following him on Twitter: and by liking his thoroughly visited Facebook page: