• By: Kat Walcott

YouTubers of Ottawa

Earlier this year we shared with you some of our favourite Ottawa-based podcasts, so to showcase more local stars in the digital field, we thought we’d highlight some of the city’s most popular YouTubers! YouTube is the hottest place on the internet for content creators and many Canadian YouTubers have blown up into international stars, most notably Lily Singh, known as “Superwoman,” who’s channel is in the global top 100. Ottawa has it’s very own growing YouTube community that’s making a big mark on the platform.

Erin Elizabeth

If you’re into everything lifestyle and beauty, Erin Elizabeth’s channel is for you! Erin’s monochromatic aesthetic and sleek fashion sense is both modern and refreshing. Her content ranges from wardrobe hauls to hair tutorials and everything in-between. Erin also has a very chill and relatable personality which make her videos very calming to watch. Something to especially look out for are her “lookbook” and “style guide” videos where she offers some awesome outfit inspiration, often filmed at some of the city’s most beautiful places and landmarks.


With over a million subscribers, ChadWithaJ is definitely a popular YouTuber, but many don’t know he’s from Ottawa! With his diverse content, which is a mix of skits, hilarious challenges and crazy recipe videos, Chad’s channel will surely make you laugh. One of his most popular video series is his “Trade a Paperclip” segment where he goes to a mall with a paperclip, trades the paperclip in one of the stores for something and continues visiting stores and trading until he gets something big like a pair of Beats by Dre headphones or a pair of Air Jordans.

Sylvia Gani

Sylvia Gani is another very popular Ottawa-based beauty and fashion YouTuber. Sylvia’s videos are unique as she doesn’t stray away from adding humour and quirkiness to her content, such as testing out bizarre beauty products and doing funny tag videos with her boyfriend, who just happens to be another YouTuber on this list, Wolfie Raps! If you want to get some makeup and style tips, but also get a good laugh, Sylvia’s channel is the one for you!

Simply Nailogcal

Nail art is huge on YouTube and with over 4 million subscribers, Simply Nailogical is one of the most popular channels in this realm. The channel, hosted by Ottawa-based funny girl Cristine, is unique as it is not just nail tutorials with soft background music. Cristina is quite hyperactive and her videos are often accompanied by hilariously witty commentary. Along with her nail art, which is everything from Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino-inspired nails to Donald Trump-inspired nails, she’s also recently branched out into funny challenge videos and other beauty-related topics.

Wolfie Raps

With over 7 million subscribers, Wolfie Raps is by far the biggest YouTuber out of Ottawa and one of the top YouTubers in Canada. Wolfie, real name Charles Raynor, initially gained popularity from his covers and remixes of popular rap songs by artists like Jay Z and Drake, but his channel has expanded to include everything from extreme challenges to hilarious pranks on his longtime girlfriend, and fellow Ottawa YouTuber, Sylvia Gani. Wolfie’s content is great for anyone who enjoys extreme pranking and just flat out comedy.