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Zip Zip Hooray!

Zip Zip Hooray!

There may be nothing more frustrating than sealing zipper plastic bags. It takes time can hurt your fingers and what’s worse, you’re never sure if they’re even truly closed. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a gadget that could do the work for you and ensure a properly sealed bag every time, saving you money and energy in the process?

Dave Keehner, Founder of Striding Edge Innovations Ltd., came up with the idea for the ZipSealer after buying some chicken and beef in a bulk "Family" pack. He found it not only annoying but also time consuming to have to keep washing his hands each time he had to close a bag when portioning the meat into small zipper lock bags before freezing to make sure they were sealed properly and avoiding future freezer burn. Frustrated, he decided that there had to be a better way.

Some time later, he watched his mother (in her 80s) struggling to seal the zipper on a bag of frozen fruit she had bought, hurting her wrists and fingers in the process. When the bag was unable to be properly sealed, the blueberries spilt all over the freezer leaving an even bigger mess behind.

Adamant that he couldn’t be the only one searching for a solution to this problem, Keehner decided to invent an easier and better way to seal the zipper other than using one’s fingers. “I thought that there must be millions of people who regularly have the same problems with zipper lock bags as I, and folks like my mother had,” says Keehner. “I would just have to find a way to get it designed and then manufactured at a price that would make sense.”

It took a bit of time and effort, but he managed to find a way. Having grown up and later living on and running the family apple orchard in Kanata, Keehner had been taught to be resourceful and make the most of what he had at hand.

“If there was ever a problem that needed solving, or something broke down, spending a lot of time and money to have someone else take care of it was rarely an option,” he says. “You had to be creative to get by and use what you had available to make it work. Usually that meant keeping the solution as simple as possible.”

Remembering the washing machines seen in his youth that used a pair of rollers to squeeze the water out from the wet clothes, he thought that maybe a small set of rollers would work just as well to pinch the zipper and seal it tightly. He took an old set of BBQ tongs and some small paper rollers he scavenged from his printer and mounted the rollers between the ends of the tongs using some small nails as axels and moldable thermo plastic to hold the parts in place. The makeshift prototype worked perfectly the first time. That’s when he knew he had something.

Perfect for anyone with Arthritis, or any other type of hand or finger joint pain, the ZipSealer is here to make your life easier. “Virtually everyone who tries the ZipSealer says, ‘WOW, this thing is great!’,” says Keehner.

Everything about the ZipSealer, right down to the packaging, was made in Ottawa. The product was invented, designed, manufactured, assembled, sold in the city. It doesn't get much more local than that.

Supporting the local community and its businesses is something that Keehner values, stating that it helps to make Ottawa a great place to live and do business. “I love this city,” says Keehner. “I found that all the resources I needed were just down the road or around the corner. There's lots of honesty and integrity here. Keeping things close to home has helped to ensure the highest quality from design to production and a smooth road from concept to marketplace.”

Though they’ve already sold nearly 1000 units, ZipSealer is just getting started.  The company is currently working to set up brokers that will take the ZipSealer to retailers across the country and the United States.

Keehner's dream is to make the ZipSealer a necessary household item. “It would be an amazing thing to maybe one day see a ZipSealer hanging on the fridge in almost everyone's kitchen.”

Even if you don't think you need a ZipSealer, you most certainly know someone who does. Spill those frozen blueberries all over in the freezer just once and you'll wish you had one.

The ZipSealer is now available to purchase at a few area retailers, as well as online from their website [], Amazon [ er-Zipper-Lock-Sealer-green/ dp/B06Y5MTSCM/] or eBay [ er-The-Perfect-Zipper-Lock- Bag-Sealer-Red-/232367744268].

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