Top StoriesCarleton Professor Says Minister and MPs are Failing the RCMP and Canadians

Carleton Professor Says Minister and MPs are Failing the RCMP and Canadians

Carleton Professor Says Minister and MPs are Failing the RCMP and Canadians

Feature image: Former Commissioner of the RCMP Bob Paulson

It appears the new tactic of dozens of Members of Parliament when they don’t want to deal with an issue is to just not respond to the inquiry. Either that or they answer an inquiry with a non-answer, or worse, answer with something that has nothing to do with the question  being asked. 

Carleton Criminology Professor Darryl Davies says he is dismayed, disappointed and shocked at this new approach by MPs and in particular by the lack of concern the Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale and MPs from all parties have shown for not addressing his many letters and inquiries regarding the problems of poor leadership in the RCMP. Davies has put together a list of serious problems within the RCMP, items that Members of Parliament continue to ignore. Davies says that both the NDP and the Conservatives have proven to be equally negligent by failing to do their job on behalf of Canadians and the rank and file members of the RCMP .

Minister of Public Safety
Ralph Goodale

“Ralph Goodale has proven to be incompetent on this file and yet not one political party has demanded he resign”, says Davies. The irony is that many people now feel our parliamentary representatives in the House of Commons are just as ineffectual and inept as the management of the RCMP, for which they are responsible for monitoring as part of their parliamentary duties.

Davies concerns are valid. He notes the following:

In February 2017, the then Commissioner of the RCMP Bob Paulson announced that a large cash settlement was going to be paid to compensate the victims of harassment who were subject to sexual harassment in the RCMP for many years. This decision was made to avert a class action lawsuit that was being launched against the RCMP from 500 plus members of the RCMP. Not one member of a political party bothered to ask or demand if any of the officers who were involved in this criminal predatory behaviour had been sanctioned, demoted, disciplined or dismissed.  It is tantamount to paying off a woman who is sexually assaulted and not laying criminal charges against her perpetrator (See Ottawa Life Magazine article, March 2017)

Response from members of parliament-ZERO

On May 29, 2017, a press conference held at the National Press Club in Ottawa set out details of the shoddy investigation that was conducted into the deaths of four Mounties in Mayerthorpe Alberta in 2005.  The press conference revealed that large sections of the supposed independent and impartial Labour Canada investigation plagiarized large sections from the RCMP's internal investigative report. It further revealed that the principal investigator for Labour Canada was hired by the RCMP a few months later (See article: Too Little Too late: Why a Public Inquiry is Needed into the Harassment and Abuse of Officers Within the RCMP)

Response from members of parliament- ZERO

In June 2017,  the then Commissioner of the RCMP Bob Paulson retired.  The person appointed interim commissioner was Dan Dubeau.  Davies notes that the problem with this appointment is that Paulson also appointed Dubeau's wife, Guylaine Dansereau, to the position of professional responsibility officer. Davies says that under Chapter three, Section 1.1.12 of the RCMP's transfer and deployment policy it clearly states:

"Members with an immediate family/relative relationship to each other will not be posted or located where one holds an immediate supervisory position over the other."  Section 2.6 says: "immediate family means a spouse or cohabitating partner and all children from whom a member is responsible."

Davies says this is a significant conflict of interest because “you have Dansereau and Dubeau holding the two positions that are at the centre of the human resources management of the force. What it means is that if a member of the public or an RCMP officer had a serious complaint against the interim Commissioner they would have to file it with his wife to investigate”. (see Ottawa Citizen: 'Davies: End patronage in the RCMP', July 13, 2017)

Response from members of parliament-ZERO

On November 6, 2017, Ottawa Life Magazine published an article titled  'BREAKING: RCMP Ignoring Report Cost Officer's Lives.'  This article documents that two years before the shooting deaths of three Mounties and the wounding of two others in 2017 that the Codiac Regional Police Authority (CRPA) approved funding to purchase patrol carbines for officers.  The money was never spent and the patrol carbines never purchased.  This document indicates that despite having the approval to purchase, train and arm their officers with patrol carbines that it never occurred.  No one has bothered to ask where the money went or why it wasn't spent to purchase the necessary equipment. The findings are exceptionally important because these CRPA documents were suppressed during the trial by the CRPA Board, meaning vital evidence was not disclosed to either the crown or defence council during the labour code trial against the RCMP.

Response from members of parliament-ZERO

These are just a few of the many issues infecting the RCMP that have been repeatedly and consistently ignored by members of parliament, says Davies. It’s not surprising that people have zero respect for our political system and are demonstrating this in increasing numbers by not bothering to vote. To make matters worse if that’s possible there is more bad news coming in the weeks ahead.

Sadly, our politicians are so out of touch with reality they will likely ignore these as well.  

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Heather Gray July 11, 2018 6:37 pm

Ralph Goodale’s culpability regarding the reckless and mishandling of the first responders he’s tasked with caring for goes far further than most people realize. He is the MP of Regina-Wascana. Right here in his constituency and for more than two decades there has been scandalous and devastating levels of harassment, bullying, crimimal actions, and cover up by the highest levels of police. Dozens of officers fled in search of sanity, left without pension just to escape the horrific abuses of power/authority/processes. The targeted begged the highest levels to make it stop. That fell on deaf ears. Some of the best and brightest officers have died by suicide, many have suffered devastation to their mental/physical health (PTSD/MDD/GAD/OCD) and suffer chronic pain conditions. The only avenue for municipal police is WCB. That’s been a scandalous and epic and another couple of decades of further bullying and abuse of power that further damages the already injured worker. Is this how we are to be treating the police officers who diligently and devotedly served this community and with great sacrifice through the most productive years of their lives? They sacrificed greatly and did it with pride and selfless commitment. Yet some are destroyed by PTSD et al, some have died by suicide and others nearly died. Their families have been decimated, leaving collateral victims in the wake. And the final shame, complete financial ruination.....destitution. And yet WCB and their ‘stakeholders’ (the employer/police agency) and the government deny and sadistically withhold all wage loss, benefits and treatment for decades until there is nothing left of that officer. Bleeding them dry, awaiting their demise. Who shall step up and demand that these devoted police first responders receive the proper compensation they have more than earned, paid their dues in spades by actually saving lives, literally saving other people’s lives. These very officers have made it possible for Ralph Goodale, the politicians and the WCB decision makers and the sadistic police bully abusers to enjoy their own careers and safely and raise their own families yet do unspeakable and cruel things to the officers who are severely injured and require the compensation so deserved. No one should have to suffer the indignity of having their character impugned in the process of the decision makers and employers working to ensure that all aid is withheld, even fabricating a false narrative. It’s disgusting, it’s a hideous abuse of their positions and when Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale was advised of these very scandalous and horrific deeds which have led to suicides and destitution he shunned the injured officers, even refusing to meet with them. Yet both he and Prime Minister Trudeau have stood in Parliament, just a few months ago, deriding any type of harassment and bullying and abuses of power in a workplace yet here are the BOTH OF THEM, who have personally been notified of the issues devastating police officers in Regina and SK and they shun and turn their backs. We just lost another police officer this past weekend....a sister in this fight (RCMP) to an untimely death (suicide). She is no different than us. We’ve been fighting longer even, back to 1995 and filing WCB claims in 2002. Municipal police are not allowed to sue their employer like the RCMP can. Nor WCB. Given that, injured municipal epolice suffering PTSD et al are at the mercy of an incestuous system where ‘stakeholders’/employers and WCB and provincial government are all bound together and have a vested interest in DENYING CLAIMS, This is even more true when there’s the whiff of a scandal of entrenched bullying, harassment and such hideous abuses of power and criminal activities that they would go to great lengths to stifle anyone who might draw attention to this. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS AND WHOMEVER CAN SAY AND DO THE RIGHTEOUS THING FOR US STRANDED HERE, GET US HELP IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE THERE ARE MANY SUFFERING AND ON THE KNIFES EDGE JUST AS THOSE WHO HAVE ENDED THEIR PAIN, TRAGICALLY SO.

Howard Gillis December 04, 2017 7:03 pm

It is not surprising that it gets pushed aside. As usual the RCMP senior management hides racks to cover their not doing their job.. Dept of Labour is a government department run by members of parliament who should be held accountable.. So who now will speak for the victims.. why is the senior management not being held accountable?