Politics: Clark and Chiarelli Set to Battle it out in Regional Election

October 28, 1997 1:07 pm

The campaign is about to heat up for the regional chair post. Incumbent Peter Clark has a battle royale on his hands as he tries to fight off his high-profile challenger Robert “Bob” Chiarelli. Chiarelli is known mostly for his tenure as the vocal Liberal MPP from Ottawa West. Before […]

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Board of Trade Issues Looking for a Leaner, More Efficient Ottawa

October 20, 1997 1:11 pm

Willy Bagnell is the president of the Ottawa-Carleton Board of Trade. As we move through 1997, the 140th anniversary of the Ottawa-Carleton Board of Trade, I realize that the board has contributed a great deal to our community. Members of the board of trade successfully advocated clean drinking water and […]

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Bizarre Bylaws it’s Okay to Ride your Bike, but Don’t Speed or Coast

October 13, 1997 1:54 pm

The City of Ottawa recently celebrated the 150th anniversary of a meeting by Bytown council on September 18, 1847 to choose a mayor of the town. This enactment gave council the power to enact laws and regulations for the internal government — known as bylaws. The town, which had only […]

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226,527 City of Ottawa Bylaws Since 1850 Man, are we Overgoverned… or Very Anal

October 3, 1997 12:47 pm

A lot can be learned about a city and its inhabitants—its history, character, evolution—by perusing its bylaws. Yep, I said bylaws. While not exactly your high literature full of colorful prose, City of Ottawa archivist Louise Roy-Brochu thinks bylaws are pretty darn good reading. “I always enjoy reading the bylaws,” […]

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DIPLOMAT’S DIARY: Ottawa’s Heritage and Tradition Great but People are it’s Most Valuable Asset, Says Cuban Diplomat: Yuri Gala

October 1, 1997 12:46 pm

According to its goals and purposes, I think this new magazine will be useful for many people in the region, especially in the diplomatic community here. I just came to Ottawa last April to work as Third Secretary at the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba. As I was lucky […]

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