10 Hottest jewellery for men

Men tend to be of two minds about jewelry: they think of it as feminine and wear little to none, or they wear too much. However, most stylish men know that neither of these misnomers are true and that when it comes to jewellery for men, balance is key.

Throughout cultures and history what can't and can be worn by men is continuously changing. From the medieval ages to the 21st Century, jewellery on men has been quite common.


There are types of jewellery that many men might be uncomfortable wearing and one of them is the necklace. But by following expert advice, they can look incredible wearing this accessory. And it doesn’t have to be complicated — one only needs a little expertise.

A necklace made for a man is somewhat different from a woman’s. Many men are not fond of wearing ornaments that can be considered “costume jewellery.” Jewellery marketed to men aims to complement an outfit, not overwhelm it. Jewellery should look natural when worn.

If you want to look more casual, you can opt for necklaces, like the Glamira Pendant Ruthann. For a more corporate feel, a necklace like the Versace Resin Medusa Necklace is a better option.


A ring is a very expressive accessory that reveals your beliefs, commitments, and achievements. In addition, the number, choice, and placement of a person’s rings is a subtle clue to their personality.

From wedding rings to fashion rings, there are various types of rings to choose. Consider having one bold, ‘statement’ ring. Currently, the most famous statement ring is a men's diamond pinky rings, like the Good Luck Men's 14k Gold Nugget Horseshoe Diamond Ring 0.5ct by Luxurman.

Whatever ring you decide to wear, remember that quality means more than quantity.


It is easy to view bracelets as feminine accessories but contrary to popular belief, kings and even famous warriors from around the globe wore armbands on their wrists. The truth is, men have been wearing bracelets for centuries. Styles of bracelets have changed over time. They have evolved from the large Caesar-like cuffs of pre-Christianity to classy modern-day jewellery for men.

Similar to watches, bracelets are an everyday accessory. While some are sleeker and fit formal events, there’s also a great variety of casual designs and sportswear. Bracelets come in an assortment of materials. Choose from hemp, leather, steel, brass, gold, copper, platinum, or even silver.

A bracelet is a flexible accessory that mirrors your character and draws out the colour in your outfits. One of the hottest bracelets this year is the Le Gramme Maillon Sterling Silver And Cord Bracelet, which fits both a casual or classic look.


Cufflinks are more often than not paired with men's semi-formal attire. Although these tiny, flexible fasteners can pull more weight in a man’s wardrobe. As long as you have a long-sleeved shirt with holes in the sleeve, you can incorporate cufflinks into pretty much any outfit.

There are also casual links that are suitable for a sports jacket and add a spark of formality that simple buttons don't possess. Similar to buttons, cufflinks come in numerous materials, shapes, styles, and sizes. They offer more contrast, compared to a button and are viewed as a more fancy alternative.

Ultimately, use cufflinks whenever you want, the only limit is the assortment of shirts in your wardrobe.

Tie Clips
Photo by Nimble Made

For the longest time, accessories and jewellery have taken a simple outfit and enhanced its personality, flair, and style. Tie clips are small brackets of either rhodium, gold, metal, even fabric, that keeps your tie in place while highlighting your character.

Various styles can help you look neat by keeping your tie in place. Aside from making you appear more sophisticated, tie tacks, clips, clasps, slides, bars, and pins will help keep your outfit stay together.


There is nothing more revered or classic in a man’s closet than his watch. Not only do they come in various styles that cater to all tastes but, unlike bracelets, they also serve a purpose.

A watch is an essential aspect of your personal branding. This is significant, and wearing one can assist you in embodying your character and style. Not only that, but wearing a watch will serve you in different circumstances, like interviews, dates, or important events.

The Best Jewelry for Men this 2020

  • Glamira Pendant Ruthann
  • Hublot Watch Classic Fusion Special Edition ‘London’
  • Versace Resin Medusa Necklace
  • Good Luck Men's 14k Gold Nugget Horseshoe Diamond Ring 0.5ct by Luxurman
  • John Varvatos Bead Bracelet
  • 18-carat Gold-plated Sterling Silver Bottega Veneta
  • Miansai Nexus Braided Leather Bracelet, Sterling Silver
  • Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic
  • 14-carat Yellow-gold Stephen Webster Ring
  • Vacheron Constantin Overseas Self-Winding Watch


All of us have varying styles when it comes to accessorizing ourselves. Some people can pull-off wearing rings and several bracelets, while others look much better with necklaces and watches. The way you adorn yourself with jewelry is entirely up to you. However, remember to limit what you wear and opt for less than more when you’re unsure.