10 Tips for Planning a Luxury Vacation This Summer

Making time to get away from your work on a fun and exciting vacation should always be a priority. However, the cost of an average vacation has risen to over $1,500 for a week-long trip for a single person. This means that the days when taking multiple vacations in a single year are gone for many people. To that end, however, planning a single long luxury vacation can be a great way to scratch your travel bug.

How Does Luxury Travel Differ from Standard Travel?

Oftentimes, people become confused regarding the difference between luxury and standard travel. In short, a luxury vacation is all about the details. It is the undertaking of a new experience while indulging yourself in the best levels of attentive service, lavish accommodation, and dynamic activities. Saving money isn’t the primary goal of a luxury travel, rather it is going all out for a small period of time and splurging on purchases you wouldn’t normally make.

Key Benefits of Taking a Luxury Vacation

Naturally, the high cost associated with a luxury vacation gives some people pause. There are a number of key benefits to taking a luxury vacation, though, which all travelers should consider:

  • Creating unique new memories that you otherwise wouldn’t have
  • An improved overall mood that comes from boosting mental health and increased confidence
  • Exclusivity on activities or with accommodations that you would not have otherwise
  • A higher level of comfort can be experienced
  • A change in perspective on your life

10 Pieces of Advice for Planning a Luxury Trip

Planning a luxury trip is not as easy as it seems if you have never taken one before. Given a luxury trip is all about the small details, such as securing your luggage in safe storage so you can explore freely, there are more factors to consider during the planning process. Each of the ten pieces of advice can help you get an exciting luxury trip on your calendar in the near future:

1. Plan and book your activities in advance

The last thing anybody wants to do on a luxury vacation is to wing it and not have a plan for the trip. Think about what you want to do on your luxury vacation in terms of activities and research them in advance to find the best options. You can then book your spot well in advance to start building out a cohesive plan for your trip. In the same vein, securing your flights early can also ensure a stress-free start to your vacation. Using Google Flights to compare prices and schedules helps you find the best deal, aligning perfectly with your meticulously planned itinerary. This tool not only simplifies the booking process but also offers insights on the best times to fly, making the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

2. Consider all-inclusive options

All-inclusive resorts are a popular choice for luxury travel. They afford a certain amount of freedom that non-all-inclusive trips don’t have. Whether you are seeking the best in unlimited drinks, activities, accommodations, airlines, or some other factor, an all-inclusive trip can provide you with what you need.

3. Think about using credit card reward points to upgrade plane seats

While the price associated with a first-class ticket may be far too much for even someone taking a luxury vacation, there are still ways to gain access to this coveted seat type. Consider using your credit card reward points, if applicable, to purchase a seat upgrade from the coach. This can be a great way to start off your trip in luxury while saving a little bit of money at the same time.

4. Pack your suitcase for every possible activity

When tackling a luxury vacation, all possibilities for activities, dinners, and additional travel are on the table. Therefore, consider packing your suitcase with more clothes and items than you would normally bring. This may cost you a little more in baggage fees, but the last thing you want is to be unable to participate in an activity on your trip because you don’t have the right clothes.

5. Keep track of prices and turn on price alerts for when they drop

While you may be taking a luxury vacation, that doesn’t mean you should go into debt. Turn on price alerts for airlines, hotels, or activities to find when discounts are being offered. This can help you identify the optimal time to buy your ticket so that the price is at its lowest point.

6. Start saving for months in advance of your trip

Given that the price of luxury travel is so high, you will need to start saving for your trip well in advance. Start putting money aside on a monthly basis into a dedicated travel fund savings account that you do not touch unless you are paying for something that is related to your vacation.

7. Explore unique new food options

While traveling in luxury, don’t simply eat the same foods that you eat on a normal basis. Consider dining out at locations that provide food along with an experience, or simply food that you’ve never actually had before.

8. Research different accommodation options than a standard hotel

When taking a luxurious trip, it may be worth looking into other types of accommodations besides a hotel. Staying in a vacation rental is an excellent idea and there are some luxurious houses offered by vacation rental sites. This can give you a more in-depth experience once you reach your destination.

9. Look into alternative forms of transportation

Rather than taking public transit or walking on your vacation, consider using private rideshare platforms or splurging on nicer vehicles on these platforms. Arriving to areas around your destination in luxury can increase your confidence and make you feel more in-style with whatever you are doing.

10. Set a budget

Even on a luxurious vacation, you need to keep yourself to a budget so that you don’t spend beyond your means. Take the time to set a maximum spending limit in each category so that you can identify just how much you can afford on your trip.

The Bottom Line

Taking a luxury vacation is no small feat considering the price tag, but it’s a great way to travel in style. Focus on saving for your big vacation months in advance to ensure you have enough money to do everything you want on your big vacation. Remember that taking a luxury vacation doesn’t mean sending yourself into debt, so be sure to stick to the budget you create.