2019’s best mobile casino apps

With our phones becoming more an extension of our physical bodies than a piece of electrical equipment these days, mobile apps bring a new dimension to the definition convenience. Having everything you need bundled into one easy-to-access piece of software is not just handy, but time saving and hassle free to boot.

Since the iGaming boom, mobile casinos have seen the biggest advancement overall with many casinos investing in an app. However, with all of the options popping up in every direction, how do you choose the best one for your playing needs?

Why Use an App at All?

It's true, the majority of online casinos can be accessed directly through your phone’s browser for instant play. Is it a hassle? Not if that's what you're used to, but at times it's more about finding a better way than sticking to the same old routine. Mobile apps have the ability to be tailored to the needs of the user far more than a website ever can.

The reliance on the browser itself immediately places restrictions on how a website can be accessed. For example, address bars, the “back” button and even the ability to refresh are simple commands that the browser completes. Mobile apps eliminate these with swipe functions directly on your phones screen. Now that's convenience.

Add to this the speed that an app operates at (which is always faster), the personalization that tailors the app to each individual user and sheer convenience that it's right there on your screen. No need to search equals more time to play and less time wasted. 

Finding an App that Fits Like a Glove

So now we have you converted, how do you choose which is the best mobile casino app for you? If you need help choosing which mobile casino to play at, review sites such Mr Casinova Canada are a great tool to do just that. First thing's first; you want to ensure that the casino is safe. Although less common these days, fraudulent companies can still set up a website or an app with the sole purpose of stealing your coin. Look for mobile casinos advertising a licence held by the Malta Gaming Authority or UK Gambling Commission for example. This will ensure regulations are met and your experience will be safe and fair.

Next, look for mobile casinos offering a good welcome bonus. Generally speaking, if they have faith in their product, they'll be more than happy to offer up a dangling carrot to convince you. A match up bonus is the standard offering where the casino will potentially double your initial deposit; basically you'll be playing with twice your first investment. Other bonuses are also given out to players' to compensate their loyalty so always stick to one that is willing to reward you for your time and money spent.

Thirdly, check out the games library on offer as this is where you'll be spending the majority of your time. Mobile casinos use third party software providers for their games and the more money they invest in this, the more games they will have. You'll soon work out for yourself which are the games you enjoy more and oddly enough, these may all come from the same provider. That's fine but variety is the spice of life so a one horse pony is never going to provide as much entertainment for you on a daily basis as a site that has several providers.

Lastly, check out apps that are offering a live casino; it really is the closest you're going to get to Vegas from your sofa or the bus. Mobile casinos that allow live feeds to a professional croupier really do turn up the excitement and take online gambling to the next level. Allowing direct communication with not just the dealer but also your fellow players is awesome and will have you escaping that everyday boredom in an instant.