3 beautiful commercial espresso machines you can spot in Ottawa coffee shops

It's a great privilege to be able to own your own cafe. It's even better when you get to do so in a beautiful city like Ottawa. As a business owner, there are plenty of choices you will need to make. Luckily, you have plenty of top of the line espresso machines to choose from. Here are 3 of the very best machines you can spot in Ottawa. These types of professional coffee machines are meant to produce coffee as fast as possible while maintaining flavor quality.

Unic Stella di Cafe

The exciting new Stella di Cafe model by Unic comes with a wide host of features that are very well worth paying attention to. One of the most important is the new large cup warmer feature. This excellent new option can keep several cups warm at a time. Your customers will love being able to sit their cups there while doing other things.

There is also the fact that the machine is fully automatic. You won't have to worry about the dosage being off by even the tiniest fraction. You'll never have to panic over the formula taking too long to come to fruition. Every aspect of the espresso prep process is fully under control thanks to the automatic nature of the machine.

It also comes with a unique dual boiler system. This allows you to always have plenty of steam on hand so that each cup of espresso is precise and delicious. The dual boiler system keeps plenty of steam in the machine even during the busiest rush hour traffic. It's a saving option that no cafe owner in Ottawa can afford to turn down.

The machine also comes with a full direct connect capacity. This means that it plugs straight into your store's plumbing system. The result will be a far more reliable source of water as well as a much more efficient use of energy. Your bills at the end of the month will be far lower, resulting in savings you can take to the bank.

Nuova Simonelli Appia 2

The Nuova Simonelli Appia 2 is one of the most sleek, efficient, and beautiful new espresso machines on the market. It has been designed to give your cafe counter a true look of distinction. It comes straight from Italy, the homeland of top quality latte, espresso, and cappuccino. This is the seal of quality that guarantees its goodness.

The Appia 2 can be bought in either automatic or semi-automatic mode. If you prefer to buy the automatic, this means that the machine will take care of every step of the process by itself. You can always count on a top level quality cup of espresso. You don't have to set the temperature or the time. It will all be handled on your behalf.

If you prefer to use the semi-automatic model, this means that you can set the recipe, temperature, time, and other features to your own liking. It will allow you to fully customize each cup of cappuccino or espresso to meet the needs of specific customers. You can set the machine back to auto if rush hour customer traffic gets too heavy.

La Spaziale Vivaldi II

The La Spaziale Vivaldi II has won many awards for its forward thinking design. It has also garnered rave reviews from industry experts and cafe owners alike. The main point of appeal comes down to features such as full touch pad temperature control. You just press a few buttons to determine the temperature your espresso will be boiled at.

The machine also comes with a special volumetric dosing feature. This will allow you to fully control the amount of water that you use for each cup of latte, espresso, or cappuccino. You can do so with a minimal amount of effort thanks to the automated water volume system. This will save you a great deal of water and energy usage.

The dual boiler option guarantees that plenty of steam will always be on hand. This gives you the freedom to order up cup after cup of delicious steamy espresso even during rush hour. Thanks to dual boilers, the machine will never run out of steam. The espresso will always be fresh and hot and your customers will always be satisfied.

The La Spaziale Vivaldi II comes with a stainless steel design that is sleek, modern, and very efficient. Its design has won many awards from top espresso experts all around the world. We should also mention that the model is backed with a full warranty of guaranteed quality that comes straight from the La Spaziale company.

Top Quality Espresso Machines Are Always Available

Owning your own cafe is a serious business in Ottawa. This is a place where coffee lovers really know what they like and aren't afraid to call out what they don't. You'll need to be on your toes in order to make sure that you always deliver a top quality product. It gets much easier when you use the highest grade equipment.