3 Best Sites to Buy Discord Members (Real and Active)

Buying server members can be a great way to build a competitive edge on Discord. But if you plan to pay for members to expand your server, you need to avoid fake members at all costs. Which begs the question – which are the best sites to buy Discord members that are as good as the real thing?

It’s anything but rare for people to purchase members for Discord servers in pursuit of a performance boost. Quite the opposite, as buying social signals in general has become the preferred tactic for millions of social media marketers worldwide.

Social signals, in general, hold the key to getting ahead on competitive platforms like Discord. With more than 140 million active users from around the world, Discord is enormously competitive. If your goal is to stand out from the crowd and make your voice heard, you need to look influential, established, and as popular as possible.

The number of Discord server members you have sends a powerful message about who you are and whether you are worth listening to. Precisely where buying servers members can help – a quick and easy way to enhance your image. But who can you trust to set you up with 100% legit members that are actually worth buying?

Best Sites to Buy Discord Members

Having assessed the products and services of dozens of Discord engagement specialists, we’ve narrowed things down to the three best in the business. Each of the following comes equally highly recommended, having scored top marks by way of quality, authenticity, safety, and consistency:

1. Media Mister

As of early 2023, Media Mister remains the best place to buy Discord members outright. Since the platform first launched, Media Mister has been selling high-quality Discord members that are as good as the real thing. The difference with Media Mister is that they pay real Discord users to follow you in the normal way – no spam, no fakes, and no bots.

Over the years, they’re diversified their product line-up to accommodate pretty much every imaginable requirement. Along with normal Discord members, you can also buy specialist NFT and Crypto/Metaverse members for your servers. Offline, One Month Online, Two Months Online, and Three Months Online options are available, in quantities ranging from 500 to 10,000 members per order. Across the board, they guarantee the same quality, authenticity, and effectiveness, complete with a full money-back guarantee for total peace of mind.

In terms of value for money, package prices at Media Mister start from as little as $5.00. All orders are covered by a 60-day retention warranty, so there’s no risk of losing out to initial losses. Their full range of promotional products for Discord includes Discord messages, Discord direct messages, Discord friend requests, and more. After more than a decade, there’s still no better place to head for legit social signals than Media Mister.

Read our Media Mister Review before buying

2. GetAFollower

In the silver medal position comes GetAFollower, which in many ways mirrors the quality and value offered at Media Mister. GetAFollower makes it easy and affordable to buy active Discord members, complete with quick delivery and a full satisfaction guarantee on every order.

They have a seriously diverse range of specialist and targeted services available, covering a broad range of niches. You can even choose the gender of the server members you buy, which is something you won’t see elsewhere. Importantly, GetAFollower guarantees that each and every Discord member added to your server will be a real person with an active and authentic account. All courtesy of a fully manual delivery process, overseen by real people (as opposed to algorithms) for total discretion.

Pricewise, GetAFollower continues to impress with a huge range of options to suit all requirements and budgets. There’s a long list of services available for under $20.00, while a full 1,000 members for your Discord server will cost you just over $60.00. The folks at GetAFollower also pride themselves on providing customer support that’s second to none and can be accessed at most times via live chat.

3. Buy Real Media

Last in line comes Buy Real Media, which is certainly no slouch on the scene. A completely safe place to buy Discord members at a good price, Buy Real Media is all about taking value for money to new heights. Their entry-level packages start from an insanely low $2.00, while those looking to buy in bulk can score as many as 5,000 server members for just $300.

Quite frankly, what’s on offer at Buy Real Media isn’t cheap; it’s a bargain.

But what’s most impressive is how these guys don’t compromise on quality to cut costs. Buy Real Media guarantees 100% safe and legit Discord members across the board – completely indistinguishable from organic members. They cover all sales with an eight-week refill guarantee for added reassurance, during which they will replace any dropped members for free.

Discord user types available include Offline, One Month Online, Two Months Online, and Three Months online, along with targeted or from a whole bunch of niche markets and locations. Buy Real Media may not have been around for long, but they’re already performing on the same level as the best in the business.

Why Buy Discord Members?

Buying Discord members may once have been a controversial tactic, but it has since gone well and truly mainstream. It’s something thousands of Discord users do on a regular basis as a quick and easy way to boost their performance.

In specific, the potential benefits of buying Discord members are as follows:

Increase Interaction and Engagement

Servers on Discord with plenty of members are naturally more engaging. The more popular your servers look, the more likely they are to attract and influence your target audience. There’s a direct correlation between interaction/engagement and popularity, so you need to look as popular as possible.

Boost Credibility

The same also goes for credibility, which is measured in your popularity. When you buy Discord members, you instantly build a more credible and appealing profile on the platform. Social signals play a key role in determining who stands out from the crowd, so more is always better.

Gain Popularity

It takes popularity to gain popularity on platforms like Discord. Paying for members gives you the opportunity to boost your perceived popularity in an instant. At this point, it becomes so much easier to get the Discord community on board with what you do.

Get a Chance to Increase Organic Members

Likewise, you stand a much better chance of building a bigger organic audience with plenty of members for your servers. You need your servers to look legit and credible in the first place if anyone else is going to bother checking them out. When you buy members, you make a direct investment in the appeal of your servers.

Build Authority to your Server

Last up, the number of members your servers have speaks volumes about your authority and influence in general. With more members, everything you say carries more impact and appeal. Whatever type of message you are attempting to send on Discord, you need to be seen as an authority that can be trusted.

Things to Check Before Choosing a Website for Buying Discord Members

Prior to placing an order for Discord members, it is essential to conduct a few quality and safety checks.

Each of the three sellers shortlisted above was assessed on the following, and in all instances, comfortably outperformed the competition:

Real and Active Members

Buying a single fake member from a spam account (bot) could see you suspended from Discord. The only members worth buying or those that are real and active – are 100% legit Discord users who join your servers in the normal way.

Positive Customer Reviews

The feedback a Discord growth specialist earns from its customers will tell you all you need to know about its credibility and performance. Unless they have earned predominantly positive feedback and have a solid reputation, take your business elsewhere.

Retention Warranty

Also known as a refill guarantee, a retention warranty covers you against initial losses for the first few weeks. This is an essential show of confidence and professionalism on the part of a provider, indicating that the products they are selling are legit.

Good Customer Support

The simplest way to gauge the performance of a seller’s customer support team is to fire them a few questions before placing your order. If you are totally satisfied with their responses, you’re probably looking at a brand you can safely do business with.

Security and Discretion

Buying social signals is perfectly legal, but it’s not the kind of thing people talk about openly. Hence, you need a seller that takes safety, security, and discretion as seriously as you do. Particularly when it comes to processing payments, safety really should be their top priority.

Delivery Time

Last up, fast delivery of social signals should also mean safe delivery. Too many members added to your servers in quick succession could see you flagged for spam. When you buy Discord server members, they need to be added to your servers at a rate that looks 100% organic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy Real Discord Members?

Yes – each of the Discord growth specialists above guarantees nothing but 100% real and active members. They source their products from active and authentic members of the Discord community, who then join your servers in the normal way.

Do These Discord Members Remain Online?

It depends on the type of members you order, as there are different options available – Offline, One Month Online, Two Months Online, and Three Months Online. If you are unsure which type of server member is right for you, contact your seller for clarification before ordering.

Is it Safe to Buy Discord Members for My Server?

Yes, on the condition that each and every member you buy is 100% authentic. Buying real server members (active and authentic users) is safe and can be highly beneficial. By contrast, purchasing fake members from spam accounts (bots) could get you suspended.

When Can I Expect Order Delivery?

The turnaround time for smaller orders can be as little as 24 hours or two working days at the most. Larger orders take longer to fulfill, as it is important to deliver server members gradually to maintain discretion.

Can People Find Out If I Buy Discord Members?

Not if the members you buy are indistinguishable from organic members. Buying real server members puts you at no risk of detection, as the members you buy are identical to the real thing. Fake members, by contrast, are easy to spot from a mile off and should therefore be avoided at all costs.

Do I Need to Share My Discord Account Password?

No – you should never be asked to share your account password or provide any of your login credentials. All that’s needed is the URL of your Discord server, which will be used by your seller to add your members organically.


Tracking down the best sites to buy Discord members is about more than just getting a good deal. What matters most when buying social signals of any kind is quality and authenticity.

Fake social signals bring the risk of account suspension and could even get you banned from Discord. By contrast, members that are real and active users who join your servers in the normal way are completely safe.

In all three instances, the sites outlined above came through where it mattered most. In terms of quality, authenticity, safety, effectiveness, and overall value for money, they all come equally highly recommended.