3 Things You Can Do For Free in Ottawa

Each and every year, Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, welcomes tens of thousands – if not hundreds – of tourists from all walks of life, all of them differing in taste, family background, budget, and many more. One thing is for sure, though: it is the fact that nothing will ever unite these tourists better than free stuff. Today we listed down the top things you can do for free to enjoy Ottawa without having to shell out money.

Watch Parliament buildings free lights show

All throughout the summer season, the Sound and Light show is being presented by the National Capital Commission.  You can bask in the glory of sights and sounds as the Parliament Hill is covered and blazed in lights that tell the stories of Canada in terms of history and culture. The spectacle can also make for a great photo op, so be sure to get your cameras ready. After the show, you can find land-based casinos in Canada nearby, if you are in the mood to play your favorite casino games while sipping your favorite cocktail.

The nightlife is Ottawa is incredibly alive!

Get a free tour in the Supreme Court of Canada

What better way to get familiar with the city and the law of the lands other than by getting a free tour from friendly law students? You can expected to be guided through the country’s judicial system while you get a glimpse of how Canada’s Supreme Court deals with legal matters that are important to the public. If you are time, you can even sit in on one of its hearings while the Supreme Court is having its session.

Take a shot at the world’s longest ice-skating rink

Regardless the time of the year, the majestic Rideau Canal is something you should not miss when you are visiting Ottawa. But, during winter, the whole canal is totally frozen giving everyone a chance to get their skates ready. Not only that this is free, but it is also a place where you can bond with your family while enjoying an activity that is not possible in tropical countries.

Images by Splash of Rain and Murckraker under Public Domains CC0