3 tips on sending money to your family living overseas

Often there are situations when you are separated from your family. A better job opportunity from elsewhere might have taken you there. It can be hard to remain apart from them, but it can be the best thing for you as an opportunity like this might not strike again.

When living elsewhere from your family, you’d still need to care for them by taking care of their needs and wants. In situations like these you have to make frequent uses of money transfer facilities to send them cash. Be it through banks, money exchanges or online transfer. But it is essential to choose the best money-saving option to have enough left for yourself. You can read below to check out some useful tips on sending money abroad.

Watch Out For Expensive Offers

You might think that banks are the only reliable way to send the money however they are not. Banks might be the most expensive one of them. There are often offers by banks and money transfer sites that entail attractive looking offers which have high hidden fees and interest rates. Be sure to find out ways to transfer money that don’t require you to spend the same amount of money you’re sending to your family in the form of fees. For this reason you can try out methods that are known for being reliable and cost-cutting. These can be services provided by money exchanges, online ways including Google Wallet and Venmo, or money orders

Things to Keep in Mind When Looking to Transfer Money

Ask yourself these questions before you go out to provide your money to be transferred to any provider, what are the exchange rates for the currency used in your family’s area? How much fee and interest are you willing to pay with saving money for yourself? Will your family have easy access to the money? Will your family’s needs be fulfilled with the amount? Once you’ve answered all these questions you can easily find the best service to send the money. You can shop around for a few providers to find excellent service.

Choose Convenient Options

There can be instances when there might be an emergency need for funds from your family. In situations like these you will need to send money through a way that makes money reaches them fast. Many mobile apps these days have services that let you transfer money more quickly. You can also send money for cash pick up to your kin as this way money can reach them in minutes.

If it is not a matter of speed, but your family has issues in accessing money as they might live in a distant place from the city, or it is difficult for them to travel. You can try out services from which they can access money from home like PayPal or Zelle. Or you can mail them cash in the form of money orders provided by most money exchanges.