4 Best Augmented Reality Solutions in 2022

AR solution companies are augmented reality software providers that offer either ready-made immersive products or help build tailor-made solutions. Vendors use cutting-edge technologies to serve the purpose of any business domain from automotive and front line to healthcare, insurance, and even social media.

Whether you want to empower your existing brand-specific product or aim to build one, it’s a thorny way to choose the right technology provider. If this resonates with your current needs, this post will be of great help. Keep reading the article to find out 4 industry-leading AR technology companies to partner with in 2022.

4 Tried and Tested AR Solution Companies to Hire in 2022


Website: https://www.banuba.com/
Established: 2016
Domains: Face Filters, Video Editing, Web AR
Customers: Gucci, Meta, Samsung

Banuba is an AR solutions company and AI-driven R&D lab founded in 2016 to change the way social media, beauty, cosmetics, and other brands serve their customers. With over $18M funding raised, the provider has applied over 27 technology patents and acquired >150 professionals.

Now, the company has multiple ready-made AR-enabled solutions that include:

  • Face AR SDK
  • Video Editor SDK
  • Web AR
  • Beauty AR SDK
  • Virtual Try-On
  • AR Video Conferencing
  • And others.

Banuba Face AR SDK

Face AR SDK is a technology kit with pre-made modules and functionality blocks you can integrate right into your mobile, web, or desktop applications. The core features of Face AR software are:

  • 1,000+ ready AR face filters and effects
  • A real-time facewear try-on
  • Virtual AR makeup
  • Hair & eye color changing features
  • AR-powered touchup capabilities
  • Background removal
  • SFX & Voice modifier 
  • Face tracking and segmentation technologies
  • Filter Editor + Scripting
  • Sample Filters & documentation.

Brands that Trust and Adopt Face AR SDK

Bermuda, FaceYoga, MNFST, Gucci, Meta, Samsung, and Tango have already integrated Banuba’s face tracking technologies to deliver immersive AR-centric experiences to end-users.

Face AR SDK’s Pricing

The company provides a 14-day free trial to test the software’s functionality inside out without limitations. Once the trial period expires, the further pricing depends on the number of operating systems, users, features, etc.

Video Editor SDK

Banuba’s Video Editor SDK is AR-powered ready-made video editing software supporting mobile devices. The product’s mission is to unleash creativity and boost TikTok-like short video content generation. You can integrate the kit into your existing platforms within several hours.

When Use Video Editor SDK?

In case you have an e-learning, live streaming, social media, video chatting and conferencing, or even a dating app, Video Editor SDK is a real game changer. It can empower your product with off-the-shelf and cutting-edge video editing effects, filters, 3D masks, animated backgrounds, and other features. They help evolve user-generated content, grow user engagement, drive in-app purchases, and skyrocket sales.

The core features of Banuba’s Video Editor SDK are:

  • Real-time 3D effects and masks overlays
  • Must-have video filters
  • Gif and Text overlays
  • Time effects (Slowmo & Rapid)
  • Audio editor
  • Slideshows and Stories
  • Video export.

What Companies Trust Video Editor SDK

Chingari, Weat, Jalsa, and PlayU are world-known brands adopting Video Editor SDK on a daily basis.


Founded: 2012
Domains: Automotive and Front Line AR
Customers: Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, IAG

Atheer is among the market-leading automotive, front line, manufacturing, mining, and aviation AR technology companies founded back in 2012. For 10 years, the vendor has successfully helped Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, and IAG serve their customers and in-house specialists with cutting-edge AR-powered technologies.

More than that, the provider has launched its own interactive software for front-line teams and workers called Atheer Platform. It streamlines front line supply chain management with remote augmented reality assistance technologies and process automation in hardware-agnostic and timely fashion.

Atheer is among the top augmented reality technology solution companies.

The core software features include:

  • Real-time virtual collaboration
  • Device-agnostic approach
  • Centralized asset management
  • Performance & predictive analytics
  • AR video assistance
  • Augmented workflows for front line operations
  • Remote-based assistance for in-house specialists.

Magic Leap

Established: 2010
Domains: Health, Manufacturing, Defense AR
Customers: Vuforia, VMWare, CNBC, BrainLab

Magic Leap is a US-based AR solutions company founded in 2010 to revolutionize the way healthcare, manufacturing, and defense enterprises serve their needs and end-users.

With over $3.5B funding, the vendor has produced innovative augmented reality-enabled devices and software solutions that help clients visualize and access data in an immersive way without spending fortunes as the technology does the heavy lifting.

Mobile-oriented computing and dynamic dimming technologies are among the core tools that help Magic Leap create never-seen-before optics with the highest content quality.

For example, the company helped Taqtile, an AR-powered platform by Manifest, facilitate their front-line workers’ operations with automated-only expert training. Workers now use immersive augmented headsets to interact with 2D/3D content in real-time and learn on the go.

This helps experts train new employees through interactive virtual coaching sessions and navigate trainees through the training process in one place.

This helped Taqtile avoid spending fortunes on offline onboarding and training sessions by adopting virtually recorded educational videos, informative real-time notes, and other augmented content.

What Companies Trust Magic Leap

VMWare, CNBC, Manifest, and Unity have leveraged the benefits of wearable technologies by Magic Leap.


Established: 2015
Domains: Leadership, Healthcare, Insurance
Customers: Meta, HTC, Deloitte, Salesforce

Talespin is among the most flourishing augmented reality and virtual reality solution companies (XR) founded in 2015 to evolve workforce transformation solutions. The provider has launched its own Talespin Platform with 3 core components: CoPilot Designer, Dashboard, and Propel.

The components help clients produce virtual avatar-based experiences for simulated scenarios, content management and skills analytics, and an XR-powered training platform to simulate real-life scenarios virtually.

Leadership, healthcare, and insurance domains are the core verticals that benefit from adopting Talespin’s AR-enabled solutions to save tons of time and funds on custom application development.

What Companies Trust Talespin

USAA, PWC, and Nestle are the world-known companies adopting Talespin AR technology platforms day-to-day.


The market of AR solution companies is thriving with dozens of tech startups and incubators emerging monthly. All of them provide cutting-edge innovative products that serve a purpose for most business domains from automotive and manufacturing to entertainment and social media.

We hope our list of the 4 best augmented reality solutions will facilitate your decision-making process and help choose the AR-centric solutions provider which suits your current needs.