4 crucial commercial property maintenance tips you should follow

As a commercial property owner, one of your priorities should be to maintain the property periodically to preserve its value. Repairing property damage, replacing old equipment, and improving the curb appeal, for instance, will improve the aesthetic value of the property and preserve your real estate investment for years. In this article, we share four crucial maintenance tips that will help you to get exceptional results.

1. Routine checks

To avoid hazards to both property and life, conduct the following checks periodically:

  • Service all HVAC systems quarterly to prevent accidental fires and keep the environment of the property habitable
  • Change all air filters at least once every month
  • Make sure that all fire control systems are accessible and are in good condition
  • You should check for mold infestation and eradicate them if present
  • Look out for structural damage to the foundation and other critical structures of the home. You can hire a structural engineer to do this for you

The Canadian Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 elucidates the minimum maintenance and compliance standards for commercial properties that you should follow.

2. Timely repairs

If you own a commercial property in Ontario, expect damages to installations such as gates, fences, lighting, or the roof over time. Such issues have a negative impression on tenants and visitors and can lower the value of your property as well. Repair them as quickly as possible to keep the property functioning well and looking great. You can hire a reputable property repair company to do some protective repairs for you.

3. Enhance your property’s curb appeal

The state of the exterior of your commercial property has a bearing on its value. Even though components such as the roof and lighting are the most critical, do not let your lawn or the exterior paint of your property go into a state of disrepair.

Restore faded paint when necessary. Landscape the lawn once every week and add a privacy fence to a patio or pool area to boost curb appeal even further. Some property repair companies offer these commercial landscaping services as add-on packages.

4. Keep the code

The Building Code Act, 1992 elucidates the mandatory commercial building codes for Ontario, Canada. To avoid legal litigations and accidents, updates to or changes to your commercial property should be in line with the stipulations of this legal act.


Your role as a commercial property owner should not end with finding a suitable tenant for your home or office block. You should also strive to keep the commercial property in good working order by following the four maintenance tips that we have shared herein. Conduct periodic checks on air conditioning systems and fire systems, if present. Timely repairs to equipment such as lighting and gates can also improve the curb appeal of your property by painting, or landscaping its lawn at least once every week. New constructions or updates to your existing commercial property should be to code.

Maintaining a commercial property in Ontario, Canada, requires a bit of time, effort, and expertise to do correctly. However, property maintenance companies have experienced in-house teams that handle commercial home maintenance jobs for you on demand.

Photo: Pixabay