4 reasons you should start following NHL

If you are a sports fan who is looking to take an interest in some new competitions, then you have stumbled on the right blog. When we talk about sports in America, the competitions that usually come up are NFL and NBA. However, there is another competition that isn’t talked about often but is equally entertaining and deserves more attention. That tournament is the NHL, and it is among the most prestigious ice hockey competitions in the world.

Hockey is a sport that is misunderstood by most people. Everyone is so caught up in the simplicity of football and basketball that they don’t even give hockey a chance. As someone who has been following NHL for over a decade, I can assure you it is one of the best sports competitions out there. Also, you don’t just have to take my word for it because below, I have mentioned a few reasons that will convince you to start following the NHL from today. Let’s take a look:

It’s played on Ice                                                

One of the fascinating things about the NHL is that it is played on a giant sheet of ice. The idea of playing on an ice surface alone is quite exciting. It’s nothing like NFL, NBA, or MBL where you have to play on solid ground.

Athletes who play ice hockey don’t wear shoes; they wear blades and move smoothly on the ice surface. This is something that requires a lot of practice as players have to learn to balance themselves on the ice first before moving into actual training.

You will see professional hockey players moving on the ice field so smoothly and effortlessly that it will make your jaw drop. If the idea of watching sports on ice sounds thrilling to you, it is time for you to learn more about this competition starting from the NHL mock draft.

It Makes You Unique

If you are tired of following the bandwagon and want to try something unique, then NHL is the way to go.  You will learn about a sport that most people don’t follow, and you will get an opportunity to share them with others.

Talking about sports is a great way to start a conversation. When I tell people that I am a fan of hockey, most of them get curious about it and ask questions. You can have an interesting conversation with them, and they can educate you more about the game.

Also, let’s be honest, when you start the following hockey, you stand out in the crowd. It tells you that you are different from the crowd, and that is kind of cool.

It’s a Team Sport

Unlike so many sports out there, hockey is a sport that relies completely on team coordination. You won’t see any single player carrying the entire team in any game.

In hockey, we don’t have any players like pitchers or quarterbacks who can dominate the entire game. You will see some great individual performances from hockey players, but even those performances wouldn’t have been possible without team sport.

In order to move forward in the NHL, you need to have a team with a perfect combination.

Playoff Format 

You can dispute every point in this article, but you cannot dispute the fact that the NHL playoffs are the toughest ones. In order to lift the title, a teen has to survive seven months of seasonal games and four rounds of exhausting playoffs.

Every team gets to play a total of 28 games, and there are no long rests for players throughout the season. Rest assured! Only the best team of the season will be able to come out on top.