4 ways to tighten up your budget during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in a multitude of ways. From having to adjust to living in quarantine to teaching your kids from home, COVID-19 has taken a toll from Ottawa to New York. Unprecedented job losses and layoffs have made it difficult for many families to stay on budget. Even if you are working from home, financial changes may need to be made.

We all get used to a particular style of living, which can make cuts to your budget seem unmanageable. The good news is that there are many ways to tighten your spending without sacrificing the essential things.

If you are looking to make some more permanent changes to your spending, there are a few ways that you can button up your budget during these uncertain times.


You may be surprised at the money you can save when you skip the take out and cook your meals at home. With many restaurants closing due to pandemic restrictions, it’s an excellent opportunity to try out some new recipes at home.

Instead of spending money on work lunches and your expensive daily latte, you can make a delicious homemade bagged lunch to the office and fill up your travel coffee mug from your kitchen. You can save hundreds of dollars a month by cutting out the take out food expenses.


Most of us have more subscriptions than we need. These monthly expenses are a great place to make some personal cuts, from cable and internet streaming services to magazines and gym memberships. Consider what subscriptions you really need and what you could probably cut back on. You might be able to reduce your cable subscription down to include only the primary channels or put some of your magazine memberships on hold. If you have a gym membership that is just gathering dust, now is the time to save some money and work out at home.

Lights Out

One unavoidable expense is your electricity bill. Although you need to have power to run your home, there are still a few changes that you can make to save a few bucks. Start by making sure that you are not using more power than you need. Turn off lights in rooms that you aren’t in, unplug appliances that you aren’t using, and set your thermostat to an automatic setting based on when you are home.

Debt Consolidation

One of the toughest bills to take care of when money is tight is paying down your debt. It’s never a good idea to avoid your debt payments. If you are struggling to pay your debt, it may be time to investigate consolidating your debts into one payment. You can save money on your interest payments and arrange installments that you can manage. If you are still working and finding it difficult to manage your debt alongside your work schedule, you can find the best instant payday loans in Ottawa or New York to help you make it through.

During these tough financial times, it’s never productive to wait to get things under control. Consider some of these tips to help you tighten up your spending and get your budget to help you make it through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo: Victor Ballesteros, Unsplash