5 amazing reasons to hire a personal chef

A personal chef for hire in your home provides a variety of services from prep and serve, buffet-style menu planning, side orders, and much more. Personal chefs are available in almost every city of Canada through websites or hiring marketplaces such as Fee4Bee. Most hiring is done by a clients' recommendation.

Home cooking personal chef service may seem rather strange and unusual in the conditions of everyday life. However, many people use it successfully. This article lists the most common reasons you may looking for a personal chef.

1. A personal chef for a party night. Many times celebrities or other people hire cook services for private parties and gatherings for their friends and family. The private chef will usually do most of the cooking. This is convenient because a party like a birthday or Thanksgiving is a lot of hassle, and it just seems impossible to prepare food for all the guests. You will have a chief to prepare the main course and base it on your tastes or request to create a special salad or dessert to go along with the main dish.

2. Personal home cooking classes. Some of the cooking techniques you may teach in-home cooking classes. It can be both a fun activity and a great opportunity to learn something. There are a few different kinds of classes taught. One is an introduction to basic cooking and another is a more advanced class that usually incorporates the use of complex recipes. A home cooking service can be a great way to learn how to cook certain foods such as pizza or baked cakes for example.       

Cooking is not a simple profession but anyone can become a great chef with enough practice and patience. It is quite possible to find personal chef masterclasses that allow you to learn how to cook different types of food and at your own home. The best way to find out if this would be an option for you is by trying to look for “cook service near me”. If the chef provides the necessary training for you, then it may be worth the money.

3. A personal chef for weekly meals. Another benefit of hiring a private chef for the family is the personal care he will provide for your cooking needs. Professional cooks know how to prepare meals that taste amazing but are also very nutritious and healthy.

Most personal chef services offer health-conscious menus which usually incorporate low-fat cooking methods, natural and organic ingredients, and preservation of usefulness and vitamins. If you don't have enough time to prepare healthy meals for each day then this is the type of cooking service that would best suit your dietary requirements and lifestyle. If you have a special diet or health issues a hired chef can prepare several meals for you a week in advance, or make raw preparations that require cooking.

4. Try something new instead of food delivery services. Many people who do not like or do not have enough time to cook use the food delivery service. This is convenient, but as a rule, it has a limitation in the variety of choices.        

Whether you want to host a dinner party for your friends, treat yourself to a sumptuous buffet, or simply want to relax in your own home after a hard day's work, a personal chef to cook in your home can help you to achieve all of this and more. This will allow you to reduce the amount of plastic packaging used, which then has to be sent for recycling.

5. Quarantine days – lately it happens that we cannot visit our favorite restaurants. Visiting restaurants are not only delicious food but also a special atmosphere. Being unable to meet friends, family, or colleagues due to pandemic restrictions can be challenging. But at the same time, life goes on, and even if you cannot go to your favorite eating place you should not deny yourself small culinary joys. You can arrange a restaurant right in your room by hiring a personal chef for a dinner party and invite a couple of loved ones to have a great time.

Cost of personal chef service

When it comes to personal cook rates, you should understand what is included in the price. As a rule, this includes the work of the chef in the kitchen, as well as the time spent on the purchase of products and their cost. Therefore, the price that is announced to you for the evening may seem too high. In fact, if you look at the prices below and compare them with the costs of chefs in restaurants, you will see that this is not the case.

type of the event

number of servings

time spent

the average cost in an hour

  private party

   10-16 dishes

   8-10 hrs

    CA$ 80

  weekly meals

   7-10 dishes

   5-6 hrs

    CA$ 65

  family dinner

   3-5 dishes

   2-4 hrs

    CA$ 55

The prices in the article are for informational purposes only. Of course, a chef charges a different price for different types of work. For instance, buying groceries has a lower cost than cooking itself. As well as cooking salads will be cheaper than baking cake.