5 Effective Tricks for A Success Boom in Your VPN Service Business

More than 400 million consumers and businesses are protected by numerous virtual private networking services — or VPNs. A business VPN safeguards sensitive employee and customer information, protecting digital assets and inadvertently protecting a business' online reputation.

A business VPN can be further defined as a service that provides end-to-end encryption. Once company information is encrypted, it is private and secure from hackers, competitors, advertisers, and incredulous characters. A VPN employed on a business intranet furthers encrypts information from device to device for the ultimate in privacy and security.

A business VPN can also let customers or clients gain access to sensitive information. You can share data points or information with patients for better care, receive feedback without sending unencrypted attachments, as well as guaranteeing that there are no prying eyes gaining access or stealing sensitive data.

VPN and Business

Hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, and small to mid sized companies with remote or distributed workforces can benefit from a VPN service. Here are how businesses are benefiting from VPNs and the unique business opportunities that data encryption offers.

  • Augmented security. Firewalls and antivirus programs are not enough to protect digital assets. While they are effective at defending against known viruses, they may not be efficient enough for the latest threats. A VPN protects data connections, thwarting viruses and Trojans before they gain access to sensitive files.
  • The unique benefits of remote data access. Cloud storage, by itself, does not offer adequate protection. A good VPN service empowers the cloud by remotely connecting into a secure Canadian VPN server that hosts the data, as well as encrypting data connections to the cloud. For cloud storage, a VPN does two things: access to sensitive data is secured from prying eyes and information is remotely hosted.
  • Improved deployment and management. Remote workers can use a VPN offered by a company to ensure that device connections are automatically encrypted. The direct benefit of this setup is that companies do not have to worry about data theft, protecting the livelihood of the business.
  • A VPN encourages productivity from employees. For example, if your employees are aware of Internet vulnerabilities, they may be worried about logging in or using public networks. If they travel or are remote workers, then this can impede productivity. VPN will give them the peace of mind knowing that they can log in and deal with sensitive information even when they aren't on the business intranet.
  • Proxies can also help you in accessing data without getting blocked, click for more info

5 Effective Tricks For A Success Boom In Your VPN Business

1. Choose a business-centric VPN service. Not all VPN providers can handle the unique challenges of a mid-sized company. A reputable VPN service will offer a business feature that can be used by corporations. Choosing this type of provider will save you from headaches or issues that might come from inadequate scalability. A VPN that is tailored specifically for business will have several contact points for their support system, will be easily integrated into your everyday business functions, and will offer robust safety features.

2. Encrypted file storage. Just like any other mid-sized business, you may use a file storage system to maintain your company's information. Whenever the files are being accessed, a VPN service will after end-to-end encryption, scrabbling the data to and fro to ensure that a third party cannot detect activity. A VPN will cover all of your network connections by transmitting your company's data to a local server via the private network, significantly boosting security.

3. Employee autonomy. The VPN provider can empower employees by supporting a BYOD policy. Out of the workplace, employees can connect the devices via a company-sponsored VPN, allowing for secure connections. It will also offer a layer of security for employees who travel to client locations.

4. Better latency. When properly configured, a VPN provider will offer seamless connections without impacting the end-user experience. Improved latency is particularly hallmarked in business VPN providers that understand that businesses do not want data speeds to be altered or tampered with. 

5. Split tunneling options. With a full tunnel connection, all traffic encrypted, regardless of the type of connection or device used. In a split tunnel, the VPN provider will only allow traffic to be encrypted if the destination is inside the private company's network. This does several things; it will reduce the bandwidth cost as well as allow employees the freedom to use internet connections how they please without going through VPN since a split tunnel effectively separates corporate intranet traffic from private use. But keep in mind that even if a business VPN service allows for split tunneling, you may abandon any sort of security benefits if remote workers, for example, need to fetch sensitive data. Thankfully these give companies and mid-sized businesses the option of enabling full tunnel or split tunneling.

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