5 Essential Tips for Marketing Your Mobile App

When developing an app, you need to think about how you’re going to earn downloads.

Increasing downloads is no easy task, even for high-quality apps. There are millions of apps on the App Store for iOS and the Google Play store for Android. With competition so stiff, you need the right marketing strategy to accelerate downloads.

Here are some suggestions that may help increase your app downloads:

#1 Work with a Top Mobile App Developer

Working with a top mobile app developer can be beneficial to your download volume in a couple of ways. For one, a good agency is likely to produce a high-quality app that’s been tested and polished thoroughly. Such an app has a greater chance of gaining popularity than a buggy app that’s frustrating for users.

In addition, a good agency will utilize its experience to help develop the right marketing and branding strategies. With their services, you can maximize your app’s market reach, boosting downloads.

It’s best to partner with a local app developer for key insights. For instance, Canadian startups and enterprises interested in mobile app development in Montreal usually hire top local agencies to gain local expertise.

#2 Improve App Store Visibility

Work on improving your app’s visibility in the app store with the following tips:

  • At critical moments, request your users to leave positive reviews. Such reviews will help your app rank higher. Of course, your requests should be carefully timed, or they can backfire.
  • Engage with users regularly to develop a favourable retention rate. A higher mobile app retention rate will enhance your software’s visibility.
  • Improve your App Store Optimization game with the right keywords in the software’s title and description. In addition, customize the text and images to match your target audience.
  • Select the right category for your app. Avoid categories that are overly competitive for your industry.

#3 Make a Demo

Mobile users can be picky. Some don’t want to download an app based on the description and images. They want to see a demo instead. It certainly worked for Dropbox. The file hosting service rapidly went from 5,000 to 75,000 signups after their YouTube demonstration went viral. Today, DropBox boasts hundreds of millions of users.

#4 Use Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are a powerful way to increase brand awareness, target specific users, and fuel downloads. For a successful social media marketing strategy, you’ll need to learn from current trends but also be unique. With more clicks and shares, your app downloads will go up.

You should also select the right platform for your software. For example, LinkedIn could be a better platform for a FinTech or PropTech app, while TikTok would be the ideal platform for an entertainment app.

#5 Utilize Analytics

Use the latest attribution and analytics tools to stay on top of your marketing efforts. You can use these tools to understand the effectiveness of your branding strategies. Double down on your most effective methods and rework ineffective processes.

Finally, you should also create an SEO website with a landing page and a blog to divert traffic to your app. Keep developing your app further to increase your user base.