5 Fantastic Gifts for Engineers That Will Make Their Day

If you know an engineer and are looking for that perfect gift for them, look no further! You might think that you know what engineers want… They think all they want is a new piece of equipment or another technical book. However, many other interesting options will make their day. We’re talking about everything from fun gadgets to interesting experiences. If you know an engineer who needs a gift, here are five fantastic gifts that you should consider wrapping up. Happy Shopping!

A Professional Toolkit

We all know that engineers are extremely busy and usually have to carry around many tools. Our first recommendation for a gift that your engineer friend will love, especially an electrical engineer, is a professional toolkit. A great toolkit to invest in is the Precision Toolkit. This 101-piece tool kit comes with every kind of tip that your engineer friend will need and also comes with non-conductive mini tweezers and mini-crowbars that will come in handy along the way when it comes to sorting out electronics. 

A Subscription to an Engineering Magazine

Another great gift idea if you’re an engineer is a subscription to an engineering magazine. This is a great way for your engineer friend or family member to stay up-to-date on all the latest industry news and developments, which they are sure to love and appreciate. Popular magazine options that you can subscribe to include IEEE Spectrum as well as Engineering News-Record.

A Set of Precision Measuring Tools

Engineers love their tools, and they always come in handy. There are also so many different types of tools that engineers use, and one of them is measuring tools. When it comes to tools, precision measuring tools are essential for any engineer, so if you want to give your engineer loved one a wonderful gift, consider a measuring tool set from Mitutoyo as a great option. This kit includes a caliper, a micrometer, and much more. These tools are easy to use, have excellent durability, and will put a smile on any engineer's face!

A 3D Printer

By far, the most interesting and exciting gift on this list is the 3D printer. This is a gift that anyone, engineer or not, would love! A great option for your engineer friend is the FlashForge 3D printer, which is a great all-around gift for any engineer. This 3D printer can be connected using WiFi or a USB cable and it is small in shape, which makes it an ideal machine for printing small parts. This compact 3D printer is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have access to a 3D printer, and your engineer buddy can use this device to play around and make 3D objects for fun. Unlike the large 3D printers, this smaller model is more of a toy used to make small 3D objects in your home.

A Gift Certificate to an Online Engineering Store

Lastly, you can gift your engineer with a gift certificate to an online engineering store. An online engineering store is a wonderful place for engineers to find tools, supplies, and many other things that they love. This is also a great gift because it allows the receiver to pick whatever they want, which guarantees a happy camper at the end of the day. If this is a gift that is more your style of giving, consider popular online engineering stores like McMaster-Carr and MSC Industrial Supply. Here you can find everything from materials to wiring, switching and controlling to machining. Your engineer will be like a kid in a candy store at one of these, for sure!

Giving gifts to loved ones is a wonderful thing to do. There's nothing more exciting than watching their faces as they unwrap the gift you spent time and energy personalizing. That doesn’t mean that giving gifts is an easy thing though. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to know exactly what our loved ones would like to receive, and when it comes to a person as specific as an engineer, it can leave us scratching our heads. Luckily, this guide is here to help you pick the perfect gift! From a professional toolkit to a subscription to an engineering magazine, a set of precision measuring tools to a 3D printer, or even a gift certificate to an online engineering store. These gifts are sure to go down a treat!

Photo: Pexels, Moose Photos