5 Fun Things to Do In Ontario When Visiting For the First Time

Photo: Courtesy of the Cayuga County Office of Tourism

The city of Ontario has many pleasant surprises for all its tourists. If you’ve heard of many good things about the city, get ready to be amazed beyond your expectations.

For real! You will have many activities to tick off your list while in Ontario. We’ll engage you with the top five fun things to do when visiting Ontario for the first time.

On your first time in this city, you should visit the Casa Loma, Niagara Falls, UFly Flight Simulator, and the ART Gallery of Ontario. You should also explore the best cuisines. As a gamer, you should also check for some of the best casino Ontario at ontariogambling.online. Ontario is known as a haven for gamblers, so you will enjoy a great time playing your favorite casino games while at the province.

With the help of our esteemed casino expert and tourism enthusiast, Joyce R. Knox, this article will provide a detailed review of some cool things you can do to have fun and excitement while visiting Ontario.

1. Take a Trip to the Beauteous Casa Loma

The Casa Loma is a massive château initially built and owned by the 20th Century Canadian soldier and financier Sir Henry Millet Pellat. He used to live in the gigantic mansion before the government forced him to give it up.

The Casa Loma is one of the several places to visit to see Canada from a unique perspective of beauty. The vast castle, which provides a picturesque view of the city, was built between 1911-1914. It also has an 800-foot tunnel, secret passageways, towers, castle suites, and estate gardens.

The Casa Loma is only a 25-minute drive while coming from the harbourfront on public transport. You can go on a self-tour or with tour guides — available in several languages. Furthermore, Casa Loma has three restaurants: Liberty Café, BlueBlood Steakhouse, and Terrace Grill. Each of them is exquisite and classy.

2. Visit Niagara Falls

The Niagara waterfall, located about two hours and some minutes into Toronto, is one of the most beautiful places to see. Take pictures of the vast landscape, gorgeous fall, and its unique town, which offer a super-amazing view and scenery.

Niagara is one of the most notable reasons tourists travel worldwide to witness the mind-blowing natural wonder. It’s also one of the unique waterfalls in the world, the rest being Iguazu, Victoria, and Gulfoss, among others.

Niagara has so many things to attract and inspire tourists. Remember to put Niagara-on-the-Lake on your list of stop-byes if you plan on spending the weekend vacation around the beautiful waterfall. Also, don’t forget to check for your favorite casino in Ontario if you’re a fan of online casino platforms.

3. Discover the Best Restaurants

One thing to note about Ontario and Canada as a whole is that it has excellent restaurants which provide some of the unique dishes in the world. Ontario is a hub of restaurants that prepare the tastiest meals.

You can go around the city eating the diverse dishes and still not cover a large expanse. Ranging from some of the best coffee shops in the country to high-class eateries, this is a great place to try out different cuisines to satisfy your appetite.

Also, if you’re someone with an immense desire, you ought to prepare your belly for the best. Within some of the restaurants are comic book heroes, smoking cocktails, and drinks. These, among others, are some things worth anticipating in the city.

4. Take a Tour around the Art Gallery of Ontario

While preparing to visit Ontario, the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is one of the best places in the world you should have at the top of your list.

The gallery is a massive home to diverse temporary and permanent indoor art exhibitions. Even in terrible weather, the beautiful displays still look great, unaffected by the changes.

Inside the AGO, you’ll see various outstanding indigenous and contemporary exhibitions. Being one of North America’s most significant art museums, more than 80,0000 artworks from ancient and renowned artists, including photographs, are there for you to see.

Both parents and children can come in and check the beautiful gallery for all kinds of works of art. Thus, the gallery is not age-restricted.

5. Try out the Ufly Flight Simulator

If you’ve never tried a flight simulator before, you’ll probably need to try out the Ufly Flight simulator in Mississauga for a perfect experience.

The Ufly flight simulator is the only 180-degree FHD (Full HD) screen for the autonomous 777-200LR in Canada. Also, it’s one of the best commercial flight simulators globally.

The flight simulator gives you a great view and the best experience in taking off, flying and landing like a pilot. So, if your child dreams of becoming a pilot, take them to the Ufly flight simulator when you visit Ontario. This experience is worth every penny, and if you also want to try out some great iGaming platforms, you can check and ask for the best casino in Ontario.


When considering some of the most extraordinary things to do while visiting Ontario for the first time, we can assure you that there are hundreds. Hence, you have so much time and opportunities to explore and enjoy the province.

That said, we’ve discussed the five best options you should have at the top of your list while in this Canadian province. Remember this city is famed for its acceptance of casino gambling. So, if you are  a lover of casinos and gaming, there are many Ontario casino houses you can explore. Have fun while at it.