5 most useful apps for travelling around Ottawa

Sometimes the hope that a vacation is just around the corner is enough to brighten up your mood on those very stressful days.

Traveling and seeing new places can be fun. But imagine an app designed especially for your intended destination.

Ottawa is a dream destination for most; however, the city is big, you might miss the most exciting sights and sounds of the city without a touring app.

No matter how far you go or how good your road navigation skills are, just in case, it is better to install all apps before leaving home. It is a much better option than landing in a new country and only then searching for help. What is the use of traveling without proper plans for one’s journey? Gear up and plan your trip today!

In this guide, you get to examine five amazing touring apps designed to make your next vacation to Canada a memorable one.

A Selection Of The Best Touring Apps While Visiting Ottawa

If you are a game enthusiast who loves to play free slots on sites like www.comeon.com/ca, then you will know the value and appreciate not having to register for games. Touring apps offer similar benefits; you can use the apps freely without registering; this feature is perfect for travelers and can come in handy when you are on the road.

Without further ado, below are the best touring apps. Whether you are making plans for a trip to Ottawa, Canada, or are already in the country, you can use these apps to find your way around:

  1. Canada Travel Guide by Triposo: This guide provides full and up-to-date information about most of the major cities in the country with features like sightseeing, monuments, etc. this app guarantees you a successful tour, and you won’t miss popular attractions like Niagara Falls, Vancouver, Quebec, etc.
  1. MyCityWay-Canada: This app is a forty-in-one application for all Canadian visitors. With this app, it is easier to find the best places, events, deals, and things to do.
  2. Canada – Travel Guide & Offline Map: It has everything any traveler may need touring the country. Not only does it serve as a travel guide, but it also has an offline map that could come in handy at any point in your journey. The app features also include restaurants and direct hotel bookings.
  3. NAVIGON Canada: NAVIGON Canada is a must-have. Just as the name suggests, it turns any traveler’s gadgets such as iPad or iPhone into completely functional mobile navigating systems. The app is easy to use; the controls use simple gestures. For example, the app is controlled via voice command, so you can easily use it while driving or doing other things.
  4. Apartment Rentals Search by RentCompass: is another excellent app for all visitors. This app offers apartments and flats for rent for travelers who will stay for a long time. It is a great application and guide. It requires no internet and features onboard routing calculations.


These touring apps have one primary purpose, and that is to make your holiday as stress-free as possible. Some apps go as far as helping locate the cheapest car lot nearby for easy access. You do not even need an excessive amount of data to search for the best touring apps on the web. However, the search could get tiring as there are tons of touring apps scattered all over the web.

Never forget that a trip is incomplete without being able to say, “Oh, yes, I had the time of my life!” Use any of the above apps whenever you visit Canada and enhance your travel experience.

Photo: Roberto Nickson, Unsplash