5 Must-Know Reasons Why People Lose Personal Injury Claims

Injuring yourself in a car accident is a nightmare, especially if you weren’t at fault. It’s a hundred times worse if your personal injury claim is rejected; it feels like being kicked in the face by a UFC champion.

It shouldn’t be too hard to win your case if you truly deserve it. Most people who lose usually make a silly mistake shortly after their accident. Here are a few ways to ensure you finally have something to smile about.

1. Pretending You Feel Wonderful

According to Mr.Polak, personal injury lawyer from Ontario, you shouldn’t pretend you feel great after an accident. Some people underplay injuries because they see them as a sign of weakness, which ends up going against them.

If you wait too long to talk about your injuries, everyone will assume you’re exaggerating to claim more money. Over exaggerating will also work against you, so telling the truth at the earliest opportunity is crucial.

2. Not Seeking Legal Representation

A car accident lawyer is essential if you’re involved in a serious crash. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get the compensation you deserve unless you work with professionals. Insurance companies don’t like giving away cash.

Even though lawyers will take a percentage of your settlement, it’s worth every penny. They will take care of everything while you sit and wait. Insurance companies know they don’t stand a chance if you have good legal representation.

3. Posting Photos On Social Media

Stop posting photos on social media after a car injury accident. Refrain from sharing photos of yourself online until you’ve been awarded money. Insurance companies will use them against you, even if you’re truly injured.

Would you think someone was hurt if they decided to visit a basketball game? Why would someone visit the beach if they can’t really move their neck? Don’t let anyone weasel their way out of paying you compensation.

4. Throwing Away Vital Documents

Make sure you keep all the documents related to your accident. I’m sure you’ll be able to replace lost police reports and hospital records, but don’t take any chances. Some documents are a lot more difficult to replace.

For example, you won’t be able to contact witnesses you spoke to after the accident if you lose their phone numbers. You should purchase a folder from a stationary store, which will keep everything safe until your claim is settled.

5. Keep Your Lawyer Fully Informed

Your lawyer needs to know everything before they start to build a case. Don’t leave them to find certain details out in court. If your lawyer is caught off-guard, it will hurt your chances of being compensated fairly.

I know it’s difficult to tell your lawyer certain things, but attorney-client privilege means anything you say is safe. You never know what evidence insurance companies will be able to dig up, so you’ll get caught out if you lie.

Insurance Companies Will Settle

If it looks like you’ll win in court, insurance companies will settle. It’s why you must do everything possible to avoid making silly mistakes.

Photo: Unsplash