5 of The Best Things To Do In Ottawa

Every person in Ottawa knows just how lovely the city is. After all, it is Canada’s capital. If you are planning to visit the city – be it with your friends or family – it sure does help to know a thing or two about it. As such, you want to know what the bilingual metro offers. Just like any other city across the world, it has a plethora of things to see and do.

So, without further ado, here they are. Remember to bring this list with you when visiting Ottawa.

#1. Yoga On Parliament Hill

This is absolutely one of the best things when spending summer in Ottawa. As soon as the month of May starts, Lululemon hosts yoga and is held on the Parliament Hill. This happens every Wednesday, giving you an incredible workout experience. And oh, admission is totally free. Just make sure you go there early, as this event tends to get back quickly.

#2. Skate In The Rideau Canal

When the winter season hits, the titular Rideau Canal becomes a massive skating rink. In fact, it is deemed the world’s longest one, especially since it stretches for about 8 kilometers. It is open 24 hours a day and has even become the go-to place for spending some romantic evening. During the day, it turns into a great avenue perfect for families and even solo travelers.

#3. Watch A Sports Match

Of course, Ottawa is a city that celebrates the concept of sports. It has a bunch of professional sports teams, with the Ottawa Seniors being the most popular one. The National Hockey League team can be seen playing home games at the ever-famous Canadian Tire Center. The latter is also home to the Ottawa Sports Hall Of Fame. You will also be surprised knowing that offline sports betting has been made available in the city and is in the form of the famous OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) run’s Proline.

#4. Head To The ByWard Market

Considered the heart of Ottawa’s city center, the market is the oldest one in all of Canada. It has a number of main buildings that are surrounded by different booths and/or open-air stalls. The main buildings, in particular, are made available to the public all year round. As for the open-air stalls, they remain open as long as the weather permits. Plus, you will be introduced to various restaurants, boutiques, and even fast-food kiosks.

#5. Learn About The Country’s History

Obviously, you want to learn more about Canada’s rich history. It is a must for every traveler who plans to take a trip to the country. And since Ottawa is the capital city, it only makes sense for it to offer a number of national museums. This includes, but not limited to, The Canadian Museum of History, the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Canadian War Museum, and the National Gallery of Canada. Keep in mind, though, that there are a lot of specialty museums that will definitely pique your interest.