5 Secrets to Buying the Best Queen Size Bed Online

The dimensions of a queen sized bed is somewhere between a double bed and a king-size bed. Queen size beds are usually 80 inches long and wide by 60 inches. A double bed measures 21 inches less wider and 5 inches shorter. It is believed that the extra length and width allows one a good sleep, a sleep reserved for a queen. But luxury comes to those who choose well, so there are many factors to keep in mind while choosing the queen size bed online

Keep a budget in mind: It is very important to choose and finally decide on the model that will not burn a hole in your pocket when searches online. No use falling in love with models that do not fit your budget. So, one should filter online with the price option to avoid wasting time and resources. It is always good to narrow down one’s choices rather than getting lost in designs and shapes.

Space availability : Before buying the bed, one must measure the space that is available in the room. A very large bed is not suitable for a small room and will make the room very crowded. An otherwise smaller kid’s bed will work fine in such a scenario. There must be walking area of at least 3 feet, around the bedside. For higher beds, the room must also have high ceilings. Modern homes do not have high ceilings, so the height of the bed should be low. For those houses that have moderately high ceilings, a queen size bed with drawers serve well.

In-built features : Most beds now have built in storage. The pillows and   mattress are put in there, when not in use and makes the room look spick and span. In fact, there are beds that have a desk or a bookshelf attached. These queen size beds are expensive but great space savers. Also saves one from buying a piece of furniture.

Bedroom décor : The style of the bed must match with the décor of one’s bedroom. If the side table, dressing table and the cabinets are dark mahogany, it is best if one opts for a bed of the same finish. Often, many families change the wall paper and the rest of the furniture just to match with the bed. However, that involves quite an investment. For those who like to change their bedroom décor pretty often, it is better to choose a neutral style of bed that will go with different styles of décor.

Online sales and offers : While shopping online, keep your eyes out for online offers and discounts that are quite a steal.

After bringing the queen size bed home, every couple should go for the queen size mattress too which has more room space than a full mattress. Not to mention, there are many singles who believe in treating themselves like a queen and prefer to spread out and sleep well on a large bed. So, go ahead and indulge yourself to luxury because bigger is always better.