5 successful Indian YouTubers

The longer this successful online platform is impacting people, the more influential or successful YouTubers will be. If the YouTube platform grows, you should also grow and take care of this cyberspace. India also has a very long list of YouTubers to watch, and today we will discuss the top five successful Indian YouTubers. Read carefully, you may find inspiration in the following paragraphs.

Carry Minati

It is not at all difficult to identify who is the best YouTuber in India. The top of the best includes many successful names, but certainly the first and highest ranked of them is CarryMinati. His real name is Ajey Nagar, a successful young man from Haryana, India, born on June 12, 1999, who did not have a brilliant educational background at all. During his teenage years, he went through many personal changes including online casino India, one of the most important being that he dropped out of school.

CarryMinati was not his first YouTube channel. He created his first YouTube channel in 2010, and it was called STeaLThFearzZ. However, his first channel was not successful, but his second project became the largest YouTube channel in India. The channel has 33.8 million subscribers and is constantly growing, as it is being viewed by a much larger community. The influencer also has a secondary channel, CarryisLive, where he has managed to gather over 10.5 million subscribers, which makes him responsible for a community of over 43 million subscribers.

Among his most viewed videos are some gaming clips with games such as PUBG, discussions about the evolution of social media platforms, and even a clip addressed to Pewdiepie.

Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana ranks second among the top YouTubers in India. Born on September 7, 1991, in Faridabad, India. What he managed to convey through his Youtube channel reached over 23.7 million people, who also became his subscribers. He is responsible for some of the funniest content in India, being the creator of a bunch of very funny sketches and videos where all sorts of topics related to relationships, lifestyles, and even comedy are debated.

Analyzing some of his interviews and statements, we were able to understand that it is very important for him to reach such a high level that he can produce comedy films, write screenplays, and lay the foundations of a career as a filmmaker.

Bb Ki Vines

Bb Ki Vines is a channel that is run by Bhuvan Bam, a young content creator who has been so successful that he has persuaded a community of over 25 million people to join its subscriber base. Bhuvan was born on January 21, 1994, in New Delhi and he is one of the most successful YouTubers who could always reorient their careers.

We say this because this content creator is very talented and can sing very well. Personally, Bhuvan Bam considers himself not only a YouTuber, but also a regular artist, a musician and a songwriter. He even won several awards in 2016, and also appeared in the Forbes magazine. We are very proud to be able to tell you about such a content creator, but also a complete artist who is also successful on YouTube.

Ashish Chanchlani

We don't know what trends have influenced the way content creators have chosen to create content today, but PUBG is certainly one of the games that has had a huge impact in India. And for Ashish, PUBG was a reason for him to create one of his most popular videos. Born in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, India, in 1993, Ashish has managed to gain over 27.3 million subscribers on his Ashish Chanchlani Vines YouTube account in just a few short years.

Ashish is another example of a content creator who wants to pursue a career in acting. He also received a lot of help from his parents, who were Bollywood actors. Ashish became known for making a lot of funny parodies on his YouTube channel.

Harsh Beniwal

With a simple online search, we will be able to find all kinds of information about Harsh Beniwal. From height and weight to profession and interests, This is because Harsh Beniwal has one of the largest YouTube channels in India. He was born in New Delhi and has been a YouTuber since 2015. Harsh Beniwal is also successful because of his humour. All the subscribers know him for the very funny short videos, which is also the reason he has gathered a fan base of 14 million subscribers.


These are the top 5 YouTubers in India that you can watch at any given time, because you will not be disappointed with the content they publish. Also, do not follow them only to learn how to have success on YouTube. These creators are also entertainers so you should follow them for fun.