5 thoughtful and unique gift ideas for mid-30s women this Christmas

When it comes to gifts, finding the right one is always tricky, especially when we are dealing with women in their mid-30s. They are either in need of something related to home management or something out of the box that works for their workspace. Some might even end up wanting vapes, for all you know.

If you are confused about what to get a Mid-30s woman as a Christmas present this year, we have some amazing options lined up for you to look at. Before anything, you first need to know what their likings are and then choose your gift accordingly.


Let’s start with the fact that Mid-30s women might be under a lot of stress. It could be related to home or even work. So, getting them something that can help them plan their day-to-day activities and get everything in rhythm is quite important. Cute stationery items, especially journals and post-it notes are a life saviour, so if you are looking for something thoughtful, this is a good option. You can even get them customised stationery to add a personal touch to the gift.

Care packages

Another thoughtful gift that you can get for Christmas is the care packages. The contents of the same depending on who you are gifting it to and what kinds of things they like. If they enjoy skincare, you can make a care package with skincare products. If they enjoy snacking, you can make a package with good quality snacks. It all depends on what they like and prefer to get for their Christmas.


Another quick yet thoughtful gift that every mid-30s woman will adore is vouchers. They are an amazing way to tell the person you care for them without putting too much thought into it. Most of the time, you can step out and find the usable vouchers. Like, get them a free massage and spa session for when the holidays are over. Or, you can get them a prepaid nail appointment to get their nails done, it all comes down to what kind of surprises they would like.


You can never get enough candles as a gift, so we did have to mention it this time around. Instead of getting them the easily traceable candles, you can make it even more special by getting their customised candles from the shops or if you are feeling adventurous, you can even make one by yourself at home.


Let’s be honest, with the impending stress in life, every one of us needs a sip or two now and then. So, the next time you plan on getting someone something as a Christmas gift, wine serves as a good option. You can ask them their favorite kind and buy a big bottle of the same for them to enjoy.

Gifts need to be thoughtful, especially when it comes to giving them to someone you are close to. So, the next time you are stuck choosing a gift for someone in their mid-30s, we hope this article gives you all the details that you possibly need to know.