6 clever car hacks for surviving winter weather

While the season is celebrated with hockey and hot chocolate, it also comes with ice, snow and cold toes. Rather than turning a blind eye to upcoming storms, these car hacks will prepare you for anything the frigid season brings.

1. Skip the scraping. While a windshield scraper goes hand in hand with Canadian winters, one simple hack can save yourself extra minutes in the morning. By parking your vehicle facing east (the direction the sun rises), natural light will defrost your windows for you.

2. Show off your pearly lights. Visibility in the winter months can be bleak. To make your lights shine bright, simply brush them with toothpaste so your vehicle can stand out in a storm.

3. Fully locked and loaded. Frost isn't always your friend, especially when it freezes your doors shut. Save your cursing and reach for some handy household items instead. Lightly mist the rubber edges of your doors with cooking oil spray and use a drop of hand sanitizer for your locks and you'll be off to the rink in no time.

4. Luck for the stuck. Your vehicle is equipped to get you out of rut. Simply place your floor mats underneath your tires to create traction and you'll be back on the highway headed for the slopes.

5. Commit to a kit. Life gets busy, but safety must always be a priority. Make a winter vehicle safety kit that includes blankets, flashlights and jumper cables.

6. Rest assured with insurance. Is your vehicle covered should an emergency strike? Jump online and head to Esurance for your auto needs. It'll make your life easier by providing you with an online quote, claims information and policy management – any time, anywhere.