6 tips from Meghan Markle interview pep talks and notes

Job hunting is quite a challenging process especially for those who've been out of the workplace for a long time. People with career gaps, stay-at-home moms or dads, and others who had to step back from their career growth – they all can feel vulnerable and insecure when they enter this competition.

Things can get especially tough for women because they more often feel inequality and discrimination on various grounds. They are more likely to step down to take care of children (often more than once), deliver care to an elderly family member, or feel pressured to keep the household when men work.

Meghan Markle has made it her goal to boost confidence in women returning to the workplace after years of being at home. A part of her effort is dedicated to ensuring that every woman feels unique and special despite the outcome of a job interview. On the other side, she tries to give them a warm welcome and wishes best of luck along the way.

No, she does not directly state that these women should get professional help from https://skillhub.com/resume-editing to refresh their resumes and make sure all gaps are covered. Instead, she gives a powerful confidence boost to these women who later discover their own ways to get to a job interview and ace it.

Here is what we find especially insightful in Meghan Markle’s charitable messages.

Learn to Accept Help

Meghan Markle is a Patron of Smart Works, an organization that helps vulnerable women to get new jobs. It’s all about interview training, career resources, and job application preparation.

Smart Works’ career advice experts often work with depressed women trying to set them back on track. And they succeed in this if women are determined to succeed.

That’s why the first piece of advice from Meghan Markle is to accept help when you need it. Look for career coaches, use https://resumeservice24.com/cv-writing-service to get an ATS-friendly resume, subscribe for career podcasts. Do everything that you believe can help you.

Deep Breaths

Stress won’t bring anything good to you during the interview. No matter how hard it is to take your emotions under control, do it by all means. Control your breaths, have several plan Bs, think about what you’ll do if an interview goes wrong.

Shortness of breath, sweating, and other signs of anxiety won’t do your future career any good. An interviewer wants to hire a confident person. You are unique and amazing the way you are. That said, you only need to show this to the person in front of you.

Be Yourself

Meghan Markle’s best advice to women is all about encouraging them to be themselves. No masks, no lies. Show others what you are made of. Prove what you are capable of. You are unique and so are your skills. Make sure you know that and avoid pretending.

Actually, the worst thing that can happen is when you get hired for skills and accomplishments that you do not associate yourself with. It can happen if you try to sugarcoat your resume or make up stories during the interview.

It’s okay that within just five years of your career you did not manage multimillion-dollar budgets. Instead, think of something that really proves your competence and makes you stand out. Create a bot-beating resume that wows employers with your achievements. Be yourself throughout the interview – and you’ve got this!

Realize Your Uniqueness

Obviously, Meghan Markle is given a woman’s resume to analyze before she shoots a video or sends a note. Yet, she has a surprising ability to find things that define this woman’s career and highlight them. Undoubtedly, this grows confidence and uniqueness, helping this woman see what inspires others in her career.

A second pair of eyes and a different perspective that Markle gives to these women help these vulnerable women find something to rely on in their careers. After all, if Meghan Markle recognized your uniqueness, why would you question that?

Give Your Support

Meghan Markle encourages women to build a community where they support each other. By showing her example, Meghan unites other women to help each other.

This is probably the best thing about the handwritten notes that Meghan sends. She makes it feel personal. She uses an individual approach, and she indeed reaches out to people in a time of need.

Were it a common practice, the labor market would be such a better place. We’ll still have tough competition, but we won’t deny a human side of it as well.

Follow Up

Personal notes from Meghan Markle also demonstrate how kind words and tiny details change the perspective. If you are not doing great in the interview, don’t think that you are losing it. Thank-you notes and other follow-up correspondence still have a chance to turn it all upside down.

You need to work on it hard enough and think of every word you put there. This is a powerful way to reach out to those who you don’t know too well. This is your real chance to land a dream job and join a great team.


We can hardly imagine Meghan Markle having problems with finding a job. She also remains pretty much active despite having two kids to take care of.

Nonetheless, she is very much invested in making the workplace safer for women. Safer in terms of competition, working relationships, compensation, and psychology. This tiny gesture of sending personal notes is just a little thing she does.

Despite it being so small, Markle reaches her goal. She boosts women’s confidence, sets the goal to succeed, and lets them believe that everything is possible. She ensures that every woman is a bit more self-motivated to go and ace that interview.

Moreover, these tiny interactions have many other implications. Community building, career services, mutual help, and recognition of one’s uniqueness are just a few of them. Even if it’s just a note or a 30-sec video, it has the potential to change the course of the whole interview – and a career – for a woman living miles away. Isn’t it inspirational?

Photos: Unsplash