6 Unconventional Remote Jobs to Supplement Your Income

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With more and more Canadians looking to avoid the hustle of a conventional workplace, to be able to work from home while they watch their children, or simply to supplement their income, working remote has increasingly become the answer to their problems.

With the facilities provided by today’s technology, most remote jobs can be performed with an average computer with an Internet connection, and require little more than basic skills and a proactive attitude. As long as you possess all of the above, remote jobs will not only allow you the freedom of mobility but usually also allow for very flexible schedules, making it a very attractive option for most – especially those already working a full time job.

Let’s take a look at some oft overlooked remote jobs and internet business ideas that can be performed part time to help you earn some extra cash.


Being a transcriptionist usually consists of listening to audio recordings and typing it out accurately into a document. The material to be transcribed will usually vary from medical dictations, to college lectures to phone calls required for legal proceedings.

Companies like Quicktate and TranscribeMe hire entry level transcriptionists with little to no experience, as long as you can pass a writing test that measures your typing speed, accuracy and attention to detail. Once you have passed the tests and have been approved, you will usually be able to set your own schedule and workload before you begin with your first tasks.

Poker/Casino Player

While we definitely don’t recommend this profession to just anyone, there are many people that make a decent monthly income by playing online poker or casino games.

In order to become a profitable poker or casino player, it is very important to possess great mathematical and logic skills, so that you may give yourself an edge over other players, or even over the house, by playing perfect strategy and using card counting principles. While card counting is not possible in virtual casinos, NinjaCasino offers a live casino in which players may have the possibility of doing so, giving them an edge. Just remember to set limits as to how much you are willing to play and know when to walk away.

Online Magazine/Blogger

There are many benefits to reap from creating a successful online magazine or blog. Not only will advertisers pay to put banners up on your site, but they will also send you their products for free so that you can use them and review them. If you have enough visitors, they will pay you handsomely to mention their brands, send traffic to their online stores or feature sponsored content.

While running an online magazine might seem like a huge enterprise, the truth is these days you don’t need any advanced web developing skills to make it happen. Using platforms like Squarespace, WordPress or Medium, you can quickly build your own magazine or blog with a professional look. Remember: Don’t go for the same type of content as everyone else. The more niche the topics you write about are, the more chances you have at success.

Survey Taker

Let’s face it: Nobody loves taking surveys – with perhaps the sole exception in elderly people whose families never call. But taking surveys online can be a surprisingly profitable endeavor to those committed enough to put in the time. Marketers are always looking for people in key demographics to provide valuable insight into their tastes and habits that can help refine the way they market their products or services.

Whether it is answering questions about your consumption habits, taking opinion polls or reviewing services and products, online survey sites DarwinsData and PaidViewpoint will pay you using PayPal or Gift Cards for every successful survey you complete.

On-Line course content writer

Online learning has become a 1+ Billion dollar industry, thanks to its capacity of allowing students to study wherever they are and at their own pace. Allowing students to learn everything from Travel Hacking, to Dog Training to gaining an IT certification, learning platforms Udemy and Zippy courses are all brought to life by contributors who build courses based on their expertise.

You don’t necessarily need to be an expert on a subject to create one of these courses yourself, but simply have a knack for writing and throughouly researching subjects and breaking them down to consumable bits. The important part is to take something complex to learn and find a way to make it easy for students to grasp. And if you already have a valuable skill, it’ll be all the easier to plan it out and put it up for sale.

Online Store

Building your own online store is easier than ever these days, and does not even involve making a big investment on inventory anymore. Building a simple site using WordPress or sticking to creating a Facebook Store, there are many platforms like Shopify that will allow you to easily process payments and orders to your clients.

Simply post a list of all the products your store offers, and anytime you receive an order from a buyer you will reach out to the manufacturer and have them ship the items directly to them. If you can market your store well using Facebook Ads, this might be a more profitable venture than you can imagine!