7 must-have stroller gadgets for new parents

Most parents know that they need to get a stroller in addition to a car seat and/or baby carrier. But there are many stroller accessories you don’t need and others that are genuine life-savers. Here are 7 must-have stroller gadgets for new parents. We'll also explain why they're worth the investment.

01. Universal Cupholder

This is one of the stroller gadgets geared toward Mom instead of baby. Let your drink sit in the cupholder while you walk or lean down to pick up Junior. It frees your hands for guiding the stroller or dealing with your child, but you never have to risk leaving your drink behind.

02. A Universal Stroller Organizer

A universal stroller organizer is one that will fit on any stroller. This makes it a better value than one that only connects to your current stroller. The stroller organizer can replace a diaper bag for short jaunts, holding a bottle, small pack of wipes and other essentials. Some stroller organizers can keep a bottle of milk cold, too, thanks to insulation. A stroller organizer will keep things readily available near the handlebars instead of in a storage compartment on the bottom of the stroller.

03. Clip-on stroller fan

A clip-on stroller fan has many uses, the first of which is keeping your child cool. The stroller fan can circulate air inside of a stroller cover or rain shield, ensuring that they don’t get too stuffy. It can provide a steady stream of air, reducing of skin rashes due to high heat and humidity. And because it is clip-on, you can take it with you. Let it keep your child cool in a baby carrier or car seat. Parentstab has explained so far so good you should check for a time.

04. Clip-on Toys

Why do you want clip-on toys for your baby? Because your baby can grab it but can never throw it out of the stroller. Nor will you forget the toy, because it is permanently attached to the stroller.

05. Stroller Organizer Hook

A stroller organizer hook is like having an extra set of hands. Clip the stroller hook to the stroller. It can sit there indefinitely. You can add shopping bags, your purse or your diaper bag to the stroller hook. This frees up your hands. It can reduce the risk of theft, too, compared to that of setting things down on the ground to take care of your child.

06. Stroller Cover

This is a useful product when you find the right type. For example, you want a stroller cover that keeps rain and mosquitos away from your child, but you don’t want to restrict your child’s air flow and you don’t want them to get too hot. Some stroller covers will provide shade, too.

07. Gate Check Bag

If you travel a lot, a gate check bag is worth the money. It allows you to take your own, prepared stroller with you on vacation as a checked bag. And that allows you to take the stroller even if it doesn’t fit in the overhead bin. This means you don’t have to add renting or borrowing strollers at each gate to your to-do list. And your child will be more comfortable, because they’re in a familiar setting – their stroller.


The best must-have stroller gadgets make life easier and safer for both parents and children. Know what you need, and do without the rest.