7 remarkable ways to keep your pet happy & healthy

Pets are the constant source of unconditional love and affection in the lives of most people. Pets not only makes our lives happier but also more fulfilling. As they bring so much joy to your lives, it's your duty also to keep your pet happy and in healthy conditions.

A pet deserves all the love and affection that is given to them and even more. If you're looking for ways to brush-up the lifestyle of your pet or you are going to add a new member into the family, here are some tips for you. You can follow these ways and make your pet more healthy and happier.

How To Keep Your Pet Happy & Healthy?

  1. Proper Nutrition

To make your pet healthier, you have to take care that your pet gets the proper nutrition that it requires. Maintain a balanced diet for your pet and always feed them good quality pet food. Also, consider checking with the veterinarian if your pet requires any supplements. Giving the right amount and right kind of food will help your pet stay healthy and live a long life.

You must also see that the food you serve is fresh and gives plenty of water to your vet. Feeding the right food will keep your pet disease-free and save the pet from obesity-related illnesses. Keep a check on the day-to-day food habits of your pet and take notice if you see any irregularities.

  1. Show affection

No doubt, you love your pet more than anything, but they need to feel it too. Establishing a strong bond of friendship and love with your dog, cat, or any pet is good for both. You can show affection by cuddling, petting, and also by belly rubbing. Another significant way of showing off your love is by adding a dog portrait to your home.

For example, you can get custom dog portraits by CanvasPop for your dog. Moreover, they offer other pet portraits if you have any other pet as well. Showing affection to your pet boosts their morale. A pet that is showered with lots of love gets better intercommunication skills with humans and other animals too.  

  1. Exercise

As you need routine exercise to keep your body fit, your pet needs it too. Regular walks, hiking, playing fetch, and swimming will keep your pet healthy and active. After all, a healthy pet is a happy pet.

Along with physical exercises, take care of the mental stimulation of your friend as well. Give them pet toys to play with, hiding treats, and practice new tricks every day. It will keep your friend interested and engaged all day. At times, you may also take them to new places and expose them to new smells so that they learn as they grow.

  1. Routine check-ups

To keep a record of your pet's health, it's important to have a routine check-up of your pet. Do not hesitate to take your pet to a good veterinarian once in a while. It will help you in the early detection of diseases.

You can also spot warning signs of serious illness by regular health check-ups of your pet by a vet. Consider having annual dental appointments also to ensure the oral health of your pawed friend. It will not only ensure the health of your pet but also save you from many unwanted happenings later on.

  1. Grooming

Grooming is an inevitable part of the health of a pet. A well-groomed pet is most likely to be happy and healthy than the other one. Grooming involves keeping your pet's nails trimmed, brushing him/her a couple of times a week, and giving regular baths.

It will also help in letting you know the changes in your pet's fur or skin. For example, you will know if your pet has any dandruff, bald patches, or dry skin. To get the best protocol for a particular pet, you can further consult your vet and know more in detail.

  1. Socialization

Socialization as a way to make your pet happy has never failed. You also might have noticed it that your pet gets extra happy and joyful when taken outside. It also helps the pets to drop the chances of being antisocial or showing fearfully aggressive behaviors.

Consider taking your pet for a walk, and indulge them in some other social activities as well. Also, make sure that your pet receives enough human and animal interaction. It will make them more friendly and well-behaved as well. Socialization is most important at a young age, but the pet needs it frequently throughout their life.

  1. Provide adequate shelter

To keep your pet happy and satisfied, you have to ensure that you take care of all of its needs. Provide your pet with adequate shelter and give them a clean and dry bedding to sleep. It will instil a sense of belongingness in your pet. The pet will feel attached and content when he/she will receive their own things and have their own little territory.

Also, ensure the safety of your friend by making them wear a collar with an ID tag or a microchip. See that the house of your pet is free from all kinds of toxic substances that may harm your pet in some way. Frequently clean the bedding and dry it in the sun to free it from all the germs.

So, to keep your pet healthy and happy, take care of all the aforesaid points. Always keep a check on the behavior of your pet to know whether they're feeling happy and healthy or not. Take proper measures for their safety and happiness for a long healthy life of your pet.

Header image by Photo by Roberto Nickson, Unsplash