8 Prominent Sports With the Best Betting Odds

Sports betting is becoming an increasingly popular way to gamble and with good reason. The excitement of watching your favorite team or athlete compete is only heightened when you have money on the line. However, not all sports offer the best betting odds.

Are you looking to make a little extra money from sports betting? There are several sports with great odds. This list highlights eight of the most popular sports with the best odds, ranging between 5% to 10% return on investment (ROI) on average.

Football (Soccer)

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it's also one of the sports with the best betting odds. As a result, a wide variety of soccer gambling types are available at most online sports betting sites.

In addition to the standard win/loss bets, you can also bet on various soccer statistics, such as the total number of goals scored and the number of yellow/red cards. Because there are so many soccer betting options available, you're sure to find one right for you and your betting budget.


Basketball is a global sport offering a wide range of players and teams, hence the best odds. Basketball games give bettors various staking options, including standard win/loss bets and bets on the number of points scored. One significant aspect of basketball betting is that it is common for sportsbooks to offer a "reverse line". This feature is not available for all sports.


Baseball is another sport where you can make some profits by betting. Baseball, being a  global sport, has a wide range of games (professional and amateur baseball) from which you can choose. In addition, you can bet on the outcome of individual games or the entire season.

Baseball season win/loss bets can be particularly lucrative because you can put down a relatively small amount of money on a team that you like and potentially win a considerable amount of money if they go on to win the World Series. College baseball, like football, is also becoming a popular betting sport, with great NCAAF odds.


Tennis is a classic one-on-one sport that is perfect for racket sports lovers. In addition to standard win/loss bets, you can also bet on various tennis statistics. For example, you can bet on the number of aces or the number of double faults a player will hit.

One nice aspect of tennis betting is that you can make bets on individual sets. This allows you to make a small wager that can lead to a big payoff if the tennis player wins the match.


Golf is another perfect individual sports betting option. You can bet on the outcome of individual tournaments and use a variety of golf statistics to make bets on the outcome. You can also make bets on specific aspects of the game, such as the number of strokes a player will take to finish a particular hole or the total number of strokes he will hit during the tournament.

UFC/MMA Fighting

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a new sport that has recently grown in popularity. If you're interested in betting on it, you're in luck because it offers some of the best odds. Aside from the standard win/loss bets, you can also make bets on the number of rounds and knockouts. This sport is particularly important to research before betting because the outcome of each fight is unpredictable.

Racing (Auto and Horse)

Auto racing and horse racing are two other sports that offer some of the best betting odds. Auto racing is the most popular of the two and includes everything from NASCAR to Formula 1 racing, so there are plenty of racing events to choose from. In addition to betting on the outcome of individual races, you can also bet on a variety of statistics, such as the total number of laps the cars will go in a particular race and the total number of cars that will be involved in accidents.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Besides field sports, other sports are also worth considering if you want to make money through gambling. One of these is daily fantasy sports.

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) is a relatively new phenomenon. In DFS, participants create teams of real-life players who compete against each other based on the statistical performance of those players. Notably, because there are so many variables in DFS, it can be difficult to predict who will succeed or fail on any given day.

However, this unpredictability is also what makes DFS so exciting. If you're up for a challenge and an opportunity to win big, then DFS is worth considering.


If you're interested in making extra money from sports betting, knowing the sports with the best betting odds makes staking on sports (teams and players) relatively easy. Each sportsbook offers different odds, but a constant is the popularity of these sports among sports fans. Analyzing the latest sports news, odds, and statistics gives you the advantage to ensure big wins on your bets. 

Image: vectorpocket, Freepik