8 Super Cool Summer Hairstyles for Men

What haircut should you ask your barber for this summer?

When the heatwaves of summer hit hard, you need to go from “merely looking good” to “feeling cool and looking awesome.” To that end, during the hot seasons, professional barbers around the world suggest short hairstyles such as a Short Crew Cut.


Not all short hairstyles pass for a summer haircut. Besides, when choosing a short haircut, you also need to consider your face shape, personality, and hair texture. To make the selection process easy, WiseBarber is here with the 8 truly awesome summer hairstyles for men.

See them down below.

Short Flat Top With Temple Fade

If you have a round face, go for a Short Flat Top haircut to make it look more like a square or, in most cases, an inverted triangle. This haircut is suitable for job interviews and other official settings. You can also pair your Short Flat Top haircut with a Temple Fade to look edgy and youthful.

Skin Fade

Wearing a Skin Fade is the most effective way to flaunt your facial features. Other upsides to rocking a Skin Fade are that it brings relaxation to the face and allows for new hair growth. Besides, it’s the perfect haircut for those of us who lead a super busy life. No frequent visits to the barbershop. Yay!

Short Pompadour

We are all conversant with Pompadours and their monstrously heavy top hair. But guess what, the modern variations now feature shorter tops. And they are just as cool as they come. Who would have thought? Anyway, this modern Pompadour can be paired with the Taper of your choice depending on the effect you want to achieve.


Whether you’re an adult or a teenager, this is the perfect summer party haircut you should recreate this year. Trim for a precise Medium Fringe, complete it with accurate lineups, and apply the hair product of your choice. You can never go wrong.

Buzz-Inspired French Crop

A French Crop is an edgy haircut for every type of face shape. But this Buzz-inspired variation gives room for better airflow around the head to combat the heat of summer. Yes, that’s what you call a cool summer hairstyle.

Buzz Fade With Corporate Beard

This Buzz Cut has a little fringe to the hairline which is but a part of the substance-adding features. The Fade underneath the top hair makes it more stylish and the adopted Corporate beard is a symbol of masculinity. Yes, look super hot but feel really cool.

360 Waves Haircut

Rock a 360 Waves hairstyle at a school party, a summer wedding, or even at an official setting. Make it look dope by framing it with neat lineups. Apply a medium shine hair gel or pomade and throw your best sunshades. Nothing probably comes close to this in the game of looking classy in summer.

Bald Shave With Beard

Coming last on the list is the masculinity-symbolizing Bald Shave that never fails to bring out the man in you. WiseBarber recommends this, especially for the old folks and married men. But who said we youngsters can’t rock it too?

In Conclusion

The good thing about summer is that you get more free time to go on escapades, attend summer parties, and visit old friends. This is the reason to get a nicer haircut. But most importantly, you should get a haircut you’ll feel comfortable in, no matter how high the heat. And for that, WiseBarber has created this A-list of the 8 super cool summer hairstyles for men. If you have questions to ask or want more posts on hairstyle ideas, use the comment section below. You can also find some awesome summer fashion trends here.