8 Winter Hikes in Ottawa to Explore the Season

While taking a winter vacation is something you might love, many of you also dislike the cold. In the winter, many individuals consider moving to warmer climates, but Canadians have grown accustomed to the bitter weather. And, nowhere does it better than in the capital of the country.

There are several fantastic locations for winter treks in Ottawa this season, including undiscovered ruins, tall trees, and amiable tiny chickadees.

The city is also often known as the best place for gamblers because of the famous Canadian casinos listed throughout the country. Apart from the casinos, Ottawa is home to natural scenic views. These treks around Ottawa will make you feel as though you are within a fantastic snow globe. The city is magnificent after a new snowfall. The ground looks like a fluffy cloud, and the trees are covered with white dust. You are not required to spend a fortune to take in the views because many local trails are free to explore.

1. Pine Grove

There are more than 18 kilometers of trails in the Pine Grove region. The tall pine trees you may stroll through on this winter trek in Ottawa are well-known. It's a fantastic location for some clean air and exciting shooting opportunities. One of the most well-travelled paths through this area is Pine Grove Trail.

One of the most popular winter treks in Ottawa is Pinhey Forest. There are several evergreens and tall trees along these greenbelt walks. For a better view, come here early in the morning while it's cold. The Pinhey Sand Dunes are there in the summer, but in the winter, they are replaced by snowy slopes surrounded by evergreen trees.

2. Mer Bleue Conservation Area

Mer Bleue is most well-known for its boardwalk, but there is a fairy-tale-like tree with little dwellings in the discussion area. Everything is available, from little houses for the neighborhood birds to eateries painted in rainbow colors.

3. The Brittania Winter Trail

Near Mud Lake on Ottawa's west side is where you'll find this route. It connects Pinecrest Creek Pathway along the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway to Carling Avenue at the eastern edge of Andrew Haydon Park.

4. The Mud Lake

If you like hiking and skating, come for winter treks in Ottawa. Wildlife viewing is popular at Mud Lake. Enjoy the frozen lake beside it while feeding a chickadee. After completing the loop, skate.

5. SJAM Winter Trail

The 18-kilometer Ottawa River route is a great place for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking and is readily reachable by public transportation.

6. Rideau Canal

In the capital, you may skate or stroll along this path. From downtown, you may travel along the Rideau Canal to Dow's Lake.

The Love Locks Bridge in Somerset is one of the most famous viewpoints along the route. You may stop at a neighborhood café such as Happy Goat or Ministry of Coffee for a hot beverage before heading out on Elgin Street and beginning in Glebe. Toward Little Victories.

7. Dominion Arboretum

Dominion Arboretum will lead you through Dow's Lake to Carleton University and is beautiful in every season. Along the route, you may take in some breathtaking sights as the trail meanders through forests and along the lake. You can slide down the large hill that is nearby as well. On Dow's Lake nearby, you may skate once Rideau Canal is open.

8. Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park is a fantastic location to enjoy the snow. In Gatineau Park, there aren't many routes exclusively open to hikers during the winter. These routes regularly get plowed, making it simple to traverse them wearing only winter boots. Each of these paths during the winter is dog-friendly.

Walk Through the Roads and Enjoy the Scenic Beauty

Walking is one of the most convenient and accessible methods to discover Ottawa. All you need are some warm clothing and boots. Additionally, walking is cost-free, offers a variety of safe encounters, and is excellent for your mental and physical well-being. You can spend hours outside taking advantage of almost everything an Ottawa winter has to bring if you dress correctly and bundle up.