9 best gaming news sites

What does every successful gamer have in common? The answer is knowledge. Not just knowledge about how a specific game is played and how you win, their knowledge goes way beyond that. Professional gamers understand the importance of staying in tune with the gaming environment.

They know every move that is happening and can predict how it will impact their future as gamers. Similar to how they gather information in order to predict their opponent's next move. So, if you want to be the next #1 player in the world, we’d recommend checking out these websites.

1. gameinformer.com

From popular print to dynamic digital, Game Informer went from the world’s #1 gaming news magazine to being amongst the most significant gaming sites worldwide. Rightfully so, Game Informer earned its first-place position on our list. With over 6 million subscribers scrolling through the site daily Game Informer cannot afford to miss even the smallest piece of information on what is happening in the gamer’s world.

As soon as you finish reading one article, out comes another one. That goes to show just how quick they are at picking up on new information, previews, reviews, and more. If you’re the type of person who likes flipping through magazines, you all have the option to view their latest issues in digital form. If this is something that piques your interest, check it out for yourself here.

2. gamesradar.com

This news reporter will have your gaming radar going off like never before. From 1999 till this day GameRadar dedicates its knowledge and information about the gaming atmosphere to aspiring professional gamers and gaming novices. They present their audience with the past, present, and future of gaming through their news outlet as well as secure them with the best deals, guides, reviews, and so on.

Along with that, they also give you the option to browse through a number of popular gaming magazines such as Total Film, Edge, Retro Gamer, and a few other ones. If you want you can also subscribe and receive paper prints, allowing you to view the most popular news in whichever way you prefer. Take a look at the latest news on GamesRadar here.

3. ign.com

Taking the bronze medal is a size that has been around since 1996, Imagine Games Network. Or better known today as, IGN. Apart from its appealing graphics and general design, IGN grew gracefully with the gaming industry. If you want genuine reviews, intriguing videos, and the most up-to-minute news Imagine Games Network is the place to go.

The IGN site also offers a store category that is devoted to selling merchandise based on the most popular games, comics, and more. If you in the mood for a little chit-chat you can also head over to the 'Boards' section where you can interact with other like-minded people worldwide. Click here to see what IGN has in store your you today.

4. dualshockers.com

It is not a shocker that Dualshockers make number 4 on our list. Dualshockers is the ultimate stop for finding out everything that’s moving the gaming world in the right direction. For all of you PS5 and Xbox Series X | S lovers out there, now there are specific categories dedicated to the games and news revolving around them.

Despite being quite successful in the gaming news sector, Dualshockers continues to grow their game-loving crowd by touching base on the culture, providing helpful guides, reviews and videos. Of course, they wouldn’t want to single anyone out, which is why they also give the option to scroll through the site based on the platform you’re interested in. Have a look for yourself here.


Breaking all the headlines is a game news reporter, Gamer Headlines. Just breaking halfway through our list is a site that offers a wide range of well-researched and informative articles. This alluring site captures the attention of game lovers all over the world. From announcements that change that can possibly change your gaming strategy to reveals will have you waiting in line for hours just so you can be the first to have the game in your hands, Gamer Headlines covers it all.

Gamer headlines provide an incredible array of information that can be useful for all those who are striving for a career in the gaming world. Check out their Gaming News category.

6. pcgamer.com

You can always be in the know of things with PC Gamer. PC Gamer is prominently liked by, as you may have guessed—PC gamers. Nevertheless, they do not leave anyone out, as they supply their audience with every last detail about anything related to gaming. Whether it’s the hardware you’re using to play the games or the review that will help you decide if the game is worth it or not.

Through PC Gamer you also have the option to subscribe to gaming magazines from all corners of the world. Given that they have a global crowd visiting their site daily it is only fair of them to provide the news on a global level as well. See what they have to offer here.

7. gamespot.com

The game spot is the ultimate entertainment and gaming hotspot. There is no need to piece together all the pieces of the gaming news through multiple sources, all you need to know is on one convenient platform. Gamespot does not just limit themselves to the games themselves, rather they understand how gaming is intertwined with other industries as well. Thus, providing news that covers various topics of interest.

If you’re on the lookout for exclusive previews, thorough reviews, and the best deals possible, Gamespot is a great destination. Gamespot offers insight and information that can help you keep up with important announcements and reveals. Check here to find out all the latest gaming news.

8. theinvader.com

The Invader is the hub for all impactful news affiliated with gaming. They don’t hold back when it comes to news, whether in terms of the most trending game at this moment, or the tech used to power your gaming system. It’s all covered The Invader’s articles and blogs.

The Invader showcases some of the most important pieces of information for gamers near and far. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to fill your knowledge and information bank with detailed coverage. Coverage that can help you estimate the next move in the gaming industry and how it can help improve your game. Check out their Gaming News category.

9. kotaku.com

If you’ve heard of Gizmodo, you should take the time to visit and extension of the site known as Kotaku. Kotaku is actively engaged in providing top-of-the-line gaming reviews, news, tips, and more. All the crucial happenings that are buzzing in the gaming culture are reported in the minute with Kotaku.

10. indiegamefans.com

Here you will find the most recent updates from brand new indie games created using pixel art, retro aesthetics, or with old school gameplay. Learn the Indie game news about release dates and upcoming announcements.

Many visitors have a lot to say about what is happening, which is why they’ve opened the comment section to boost interaction between one another. If there is something you would like to say about the latest news, we would suggest visiting their site here.

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