• By: Tori McNeely

A beginners guide to sustainable shopping

While one can never be entirely certain they are making the “right” choice, more and more consumers are adopting ethical shopping practices in an effort to reduce harm done to the planet. Here are just a few small changes that can make a big difference:

Shop online

We’ve all been there – driving around town to find the perfect piece in the right size only to return home and order it online. Shopping online leaves a significantly smaller carbon footprint than traditional in-store shopping for a few reasons. First, online shopping removes brick-and-mortar stores as the middle man. When a product is shipped to a store, two plastic bags are involved: the one it was packaged in for shipping and the one it’s placed in at the store before it's handed to you.  

Second, imagine a world today with no public transportation. Unimaginable, right? Companies like UPS and FedEX invest a lot of time and resources into ensuring the most efficient routes for the delivery of more products with less fuel. A lot of brands have decided to ditch the brick-and-mortar mentality and opt entirely for an online store. For example, Knixteen is a specialist in teen period panties who sell exclusively online.

You also never know what kinds of deals you can find online. For example, SmartBuyGlasses has great deals and the best brands for eyewear online. 

Be mindful of fabrics

Sustainable fabrics are the future of fashion! Say goodbye to polyester, acrylic, and nylon and hello to bamboo, organic cotton and tencel. The former fabrics are highly toxic to produce leading to the pollution of waterways and destruction of rain forests. While some of these fabric are hard to avoid, there are often environmentally friendly alternatives.

Buy secondhand

Next time you decide to clean out your closet, consider giving to a clothing recycling service near you. By dropping off unwanted items that you no longer need, you’re not only giving them a second life while helping those in need but you’re also helping to keep reusable resources out of municipal landfills.

Less is more

In an age of fast-fashion, we’re forced to keep up with the latest trends faster than you can say ‘I’.  Why not invest in a capsule wardrobe: a collection of a few essential items that can be mixed and matched to get the most use out of a minimal amount of possessions. Operating on the rule of thumb that less is more will also help you to discern your style and brainstorm interesting style combinations that you can feel more like yourself!