A clear view of the future with Verdun Windows and Doors

It’s one of the most overlooked aspects of any property, yet windows play an integral role in design and home management. Determining which direction they face, how large and how many openings are placed, and (most importantly) what they are made of, interweaves through every facet of residential life, from welcoming sunlight inside to keeping fluctuating temperatures out.

Verdun Windows and Doors understands this more than most, and their attention to detail with clients has proven their commitment to superior and long lasting product and services – but also innovation.

Widely known in Ottawa, Verdun has carried out an unprecedented growth strategy over the past several years, purchasing four other Ottawa-based companies in their industry since 2015. With four other successful sub-brands in the Greater Toronto Area, Verdun is no stranger to expansion, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

One of the open secrets to their success is their RevoCell windows, a visionary new product that has taken the industry by storm. RevoCell uses a material called microcellular polyvinyl chloride (mPVC) to create a window frame that is stronger, energy efficient, and more aesthetically pleasing than any other product available in the market.

Traditionally, most windows are made of either vinyl, aluminum, or fibreglass on the rare occasion. The former are usually hollow and not very durable, while the latter is expensive and quite heavy.

After spending a considerable number of years funding the research and development of mPVC material, Verdun was finally able crack the code, and created a frame that is lightweight, tough against degradation, and very affordable. A RevoCell can be purchased at the same price as a typical vinyl window, and uses less material than heavy-duty frames, allowing more light to enter the room.

Marketing Director Jimm Fox is proud of the cutting edge technology, and believes it is one of their strongest pillars of success.

 “We were the first to go to market with this, and it has become the highest rated product for energy efficiency in its class,” he said. “Much like a bone the material is firm, but porous, meaning it is stronger while providing better insulation that normal.”

The focus on research has undoubtedly paid off for Verdun. Where most businesses prefer to operate in window manufacturing or in retail, Verdun specializes in both, meaning they can “cut out the middleman” when it comes to installation.

Service is also a key value to the company, choosing to work with only highly trained professionals, and offering lucrative warranties that cover not only the product, but the installation, and the lifetime use of the window.

Fox explains that they have tailored their service teams into a well-refined system of installation experts. Verdun operates nearly 30 separate crews in Ottawa alone, each with a team lead and three helpers.

“Our standards are very high, we have a system much like an apprenticeship,” said Fox. “It doesn’t matter if you have the best window on the market, installation plays a very important role.”

Meeting the window and door needs of the Ottawa region since 1982, Verdun currently services approximately a third of this market, and they are constantly looking for new ways to improve.

If you would like to contact Verdun Windows and Doors for your window, door, or patio door needs, you can contact them at verdunwindows.com.