A Letter To The Broken Hearted

Days and nights passed by, restless; every time I held up my hand all I saw was an unrecognizable heartline. Heavy eyes, tremors and headaches became a part of my routine. I feared every second I was left alone with myself but I loathed every exchange I had with those who crossed my path. I was lost. Hopelessness reigned over my spirit and my anxiety blurred whatever hope my future held. Recently broken hearted, I was facing trial after trial in my life. When exhaustion loomed over me after three hours in an exam room, I found solace in a dark bathroom stall. I looked down at that heartline to ground myself and I heard quiet sobs coming from the stall next to me, and with my palm pressed against the wall between us, I found my vitality.

I was not alone, just as you are not alone. This is a cheer for the broken hearted, the hopeless, restless, and lost ones. I am here, I sense your despair and I’ve been through my own.

We are all flotsam in this universe, seeking purpose and whatever might be missing from our puzzle. Losing someone you love is never easy; it shatters you, and self-preservation can mean repressing the emotions that could hurt you even more. Wouldn’t it be nice if life were easy?

My advice to the broken hearted is this: take the time you need to accept your demons and move on. Only then can you flourish into the person you know you are. The demons that haunt you will likely be there for a while, so come to terms with them. No one can judge you for the time you take to heal, so face that gutted feeling and cry your eyes out. Start to love loudly even if you were discarded, told you weren't good enough for that person and felt lost in life. Follow your heartline; your palm on your heart, recognize your own heartbeat. Here you are, despite it all. There is no right answer to your questions, the “right one” doesn’t exist, and there are no rules for measuring success. Either these demons or others will torment you forever but you are not alone. The pain resides in your roots but it blossoms into something much more beautiful in the end. So face that hurt, love your family and loved ones a little harder and appreciate what you do have. Let the tears flow because it’s okay to be tattered and broken before you reconstruct yourself. Every time you fall down, you learn to stand up a little faster. So when you stand in front of hopelessness once more, you’ll know to let the love in your heart guide you back to shore.