Add Some Heat to Your Winter Meals

Photo courtesy of Grace Foods

As the days get shorter and the months get colder, people draw away from charcoal grills to embrace comfort foods.

Soups, stews and stroganoff become dishes of habit throughout frost-bitten months. With limited produce and supplies to utilize during the winter, meals tend to feel mundane.

"Winter days may feel dark and drab, but your food doesn’t have to be," says Ilisa Chacon of Grace Foods. "The key to making comfort dishes pop is to add a touch of spice."

Jamaican Jerk seasoning is one way to perk up the palate on a dreary day. Packed with its unique blend of ingredients including allspice, thyme, onions, scallions and scotch bonnet peppers, jerk seasoning provides a warm, bold taste that compliments any meal.

While adding some jerk to your meals this winter will help spice things up, you will also be helping those in need. During the month of December, Grace Foods Canada Inc. will donate part of the proceeds from the purchase of Grace jerk products to the Canadian Red Cross to support hurricane Irma relief efforts, up to $10, 000.

With that in mind, here are creative ways jerk seasoning can enliven traditional comfort classics:

Revamp Root Vegetables. Make vegetables burst with flavour by roasting with Grace jerk seasonings and sauces. Coat cubed sweet potatoes with an even layer of Grace Caribbean Traditions: Jerk Seasoning and Grace Coconut Oil, and broil on high heat until caramelized. The heat of jerk seasoning also compliments the sweetness of butternut squash, carrots and yams. Blacken over cauliflower steaks for a unique savoury side dish.

Enhance Creamy Casseroles. Stir jerk seasoning into rich casserole dishes to add depth and complexity. Buttery scalloped potatoes and macaroni dishes lend well to a hint of spice, and green bean casseroles are a show-stopper topped with jerk-battered fried onions. Cover chicken with Grace Jerk Marinade and cook to be layered into a velvety lasagna casserole.

Improve Pot Roasts. Turn traditional pot roasts into a weeknight indulgence by kicking things up a notch. Braise meat with Grace Island Soda Ginger Beer and Grace Jerk Seasoning. Turn pan drippings into jerk-infused gravy and serve roast with Grace Jerk BBQ Sauce.

Upgrade Egg Dishes. Enhance typical egg dishes by incorporating an element of spice. Jerk seasoning makes a great addition to omelets, quiches and scrambles. Unsure what to eat for breakfast? Top off a smoked potato hash with an evenly fried egg and pop on some Grace Hot Pepper Sauce.

For other appetizing recipes and inspiration using coconut water. 

About Grace Foods:

Bringing the best of the islands to Canadian cooks for more than 30 years, Grace Foods is one of the Caribbean’s largest and most dynamic food and beverage companies in the world. From coconut water, sodas, tropical island juices, hot pepper sauces and a wide range of jerk sauces and seasonings for that authentic island barbeque flavour, Grace Foods provides a wide range of delicious products that lets you enjoy the unique essence and sizzle of the islands right in your own kitchen. Grace Foods is available at all major grocery retailers.