All you need to know about switching energy

Have you been swamped with electricity and gas bills that seem to be increasing rather than decreasing? Have you been thinking of sitting in darkness instead? Well, it's time to get out of the dark and shed light on a possibility available for you. You could always choose to make the switch and find an energy service provider who can cater to your gas and electricity needs while meeting your respective budget.

Scared to Switch?

Since you set aside a budget for everything, there should be no reason as to why you cannot budget on your electricity and gas as well. Switch energy and choose an energy supplier that will give you the best value for your money whilst still lighting up and heating your home. The reason why you may be slightly reluctant to even change your energy provider is because you believe that changing your energy provider is a long drawn out process. You might also fear that switching energy would mean sitting in sheer darkness until the switch is made.

Put away your candles! There is no need to prepare for weeks of darkness. All you need to do is have a look at how to switch your energy easily.

Switch Energy Easily

You first need to be certain that you want to switch your energy. You will only be certain if you visit an Ofgem accredited website like Simply Switch and find the prices charges by all electricity suppliers. Comparing prices is your first step to seeing if the switch to a new energy supplier is necessary or not.

Once the price comparison is complete, you will probably have found a package that you feel respects your budget and suits your energy needs. So that’s when you rope in Simply Switch energy to help you make the switch.

Not as Difficult as you Think

While the switch is getting done, you need not sit alone in the darkness. Your electricity will continue to run while you are in the process of switching suppliers. Your gas and electricity come from the national grid. Therefore the respective journeys that electrical energy undertakes to get from the grid to various premises will still be exactly the same. The only difference is you will be changing the company that provides you with the energy.

It's Simple

Most of the suppliers are signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee which means that it will take no longer than 21 full days to make the energy switch a possibility. From the time that you sign a new contract with an energy supplier, you can wait for a reasonable 14 to 21 days before the switch becomes activated. The switching process will be rather drawn out and far longer in situations where a problem arises. These are labelled extreme cases and are also dealt with in terms of extreme sensitivity. For example if your meter is difficult to read, the switch may take some time. Also, if you have unsettled debt switching to a new energy provider may take longer. Other than that it's as simple as saying, "Switch."

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