• By: Allen Brown

Amazing Antarctic: Destinations that will complete any travel bucket list

If you love travel adventures you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re looking for your next great escape or for places in the world to add to your bucket list, Antarctica is the perfect destination for a life changing travel experience. Get ready to explore the world like never before on the coldest continent!

When you take an expedition to Antarctica making unforgettable memories is guaranteed. Now it’s time to find out what adventure awaits in some of the most amazing Antarctic destinations.

Antarctic Peninsula

Venture the 800 mile stretch of land and ice known as the Antarctic Peninsula. Gaze upon the icebergs, glaciers and snow-covered mountains of this beautiful landscape as you explore amazing sites, such as:

  • Marguerite Bay – see the gorgeous icy mountains, historic research stations, and the Emperor penguin colony of Dion Island in the northern end of the bay.
  • Drake Passage – make the 600-mile journey across the Drake Passage, a rite of passage for polar travelers.
  • Neko Harbour – walk the cobblestone beach where Gentoo penguins breed, and seals haul out to rest ashore. Watch the massive glaciers to catch a glimpse of glacier-calving as chunks of ice crash down into the harbour below.


Prepare for a destination like no other as you explore endless Chilean fjords, blue-tinted icebergs, unbelievable rainforest and rugged shorelines where wildlife freely roams. Experience the magic of Patagonia as you explore magnificent places, such as:

  • Marta Island – listen to the noisy roars of more than a thousand Patagonian sea lions as you photograph these lovable “sea wolves” competing for the best spot on the coastline.
  • Glacier Alley – view the tidewater glaciers that extend over 890 square miles.
  • Torres del Paine National Park – explore 448,280 acres and see the three granite pillars that tower over the Paine mountain range.

Snow Hill Island

Navigate the icy Weddell Sea for an unparalleled polar adventure to the remote Snow Hill Island. A challenging location to reach but worth the effort for incredible Antarctic experiences, such as:

  • Emperor penguin rookery – trek to the rarely visited colony of around 10,000 Emperor penguins.
  • Kapitan Khlebnikov – visit this famous vessel that was built for the purpose of navigating the Antarctic pack ice.
  • Tabular Icebergs – observe the extraordinary sight created by icebergs that break away from the ice shelf and float in the open water of the Weddell Sea. Recognize these icebergs easily by their flat tops and steep sides.

Falkland Islands

The perfect destination for wildlife lovers and history buffs alike! The Falkland Islands of the sub-Antarctic are a must visit location to enjoy wondrous places, such as:

  • Beaches of the Falkland Islands – some will need to see to believe these beautiful white sand beaches. Add “day at the beach” to your itinerary when you visit Elephant Beach to spot dolphins or stroll the white sand shoreline of Carcass Island.
  • Volunteer Beach – enjoy more than trip to the beach across the 2 mile stretch of sand that’s home to the island’s largest colony of King penguins.

Photo: Dylan Shaw