Arctos Portable AC Canada & USA Reviews (2022) About Features, Benefits & Works

Staying cool and comfortable during hot summer month is the desire of all people. People use different methods and ways to beat the summer heat. But nothing can be more comfortable than using an air conditioner to beat summer heat. However, air conditioners tend to consume high energy and it heightens the monthly utility bills. So, how one can beat the summer heat without burning a hole in the pocket. Arctos Portable AC is the ultimate answer to the question. Arctos Portable AC is a compact sized air cooler that is cheaper and easier to carry around.

Arctos Portable AC is a personal cooler that comes with different speed settings and adjustable vents to offer you chilling and cool air in your personal space. It is the portal air cooler that you can use anywhere in your workstation and desktop to stay cool and comfortable when the summer heat is increasing. 

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What is Arctos Portable AC?

Arctos Portable AC is the portable, compact sized personal cooler that is designed to maximize the cooling efficiency in your personal space. It is the portal Air Cooler that is considered as multi-purpose cooling gadget that offer cool breezy air in your personal space by adding moisture to hot air. The device also acts as fan that keeps you cool and chilling during the summer months. The device is customized to deliver you cool and chilling air when the temperature outside is boiling. The personal cooler is designed using advanced technologies that promises to offer rapid cooling with minimal energy consumption. The personal cooler ensures that you never experience the hot humid air during summer as it converts the hot air in the environment into cool breezes efficiently. 

The personal cooler ensures to make your personal space the ultimate place to work and study. Since it is compact and portable you can carry the device with you anywhere you go. It uses rapid cooling technology that helps to cool down your personal space in matter of 30 seconds. It has a huge water reservoir that can hold cold water up to 450ML and there is replaceable water filter that ensures to make the hot air cool by passing it through the filters. The personal cooler consumes less energy and it ensures to keep you cool without burning a hole in your pocket.

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What Makes Arctos Portable AC Different?

  • Easy to Use and Setup – The reason why Arctos Portable AC is popular amongst people is because of its ease to use and it needs no special installation. Unlike traditional air conditioners where installation is necessary, Arctos Portable AC is easy to use and you just need to plug in the device into the power socket and it starts working. There is no need of installation or special hardware to make it work. 
  • Cooling Based on Individual Needs – The personal air cooler is designed to offer cooling on individualistic basis. The personal cooler comes with three different speed settings – cool, breeze and chill. So, based on your individual need you can choose the air flow and it delivers cool air based on your preferences. The availability of different speed settings makes it the best choice for personal cooling. 
  • Noiseless Operation – The personal air cooler ensures to cool your space without making loud noises. It won’t distract you from working or sleeping at night as it ensures noiseless operation that causes no noise. The high speed fan doesn’t make loud noise when working and hence you can enjoy restful sleep even when it is working at high speed.
  • Adjustable Vents – Another reason why Arctos Portable AC is popular amongst the users is the adjustable vents. The portable cooler comes with adjusting vents that let you direct the air flow in the desired direction without having to moving the cooler. Users can adjust the vents in the direction where they need continuous air flow and it starts throwing air in the direction for faster cooling. 
  • Lightweight and Compact – The main reason why Arctos Portable AC is widely accepted is the lightweight and ergonomic design. The portable cooler is compact and it can be used on desktop or on ground and it fits easily in small spaces because of its ergonomic design.   

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How Does Arctos Portable AC Works?

Arctos Portable AC is the compact air cooling system that works by cooling the air and adding moisture. Unlike traditional air conditioner, it works using the air in the environment and adds moisture and reduces temperature before releasing it back to your personal space. The personal cooler works by absorbing the hot air from the environment and reduces its temperature by adding moisture and releases them back to your personal space with the help of high speed fans. The personal cooler comes with a water tank and water filter that absorbs the hot air from the environment and as the air passes the filters, the temperature reduces and moisture is added to the air. The high speed fan then releases the cool and chilling air to the environment to make your personal space comfortable and cozy. 

The personal cooling system comes with adjustable vents that you can adjust in the direction where you continuously need cool and chilling air. The adjustable vents ensure that the cool and chill air is guided to your desired direction for a cooling experience. Besides, there is a water tank that can hold water up to 450ML and it needs 5V DC current or 120V AC current to work efficiently. The personal cooler works using rapid cooling technology that helps in cooling the personal space in 30 seconds. 

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Features of Arctos Portable AC

  • Highly portable and compact in size
  • Ergonomically designed personal cooler
  • Adjustable vents to direct air flow in desired direction
  • Three speed settings for fan for your preferences
  • Easy to use and no installation or special hardware needed
  • Adds humidity instead of removing it
  • Rapid cooling technology that cools your personal space in 30 seconds
  • Portable and it can be used anywhere across your personal space  
  • Replaceable filters and it can be replaced once in every six months  

How to Use Arctos Portable AC?

There is no special installation needed to use the Arctos Portable AC. It can be used easily by plugging it in the power socket of your house.

  • Take the device out of the package
  • Fill the water tank with cold water and it holds only 450ML of water
  • Adjust the vents in the direction where you need fresh and chilling air
  • Plug in the power cord into the socket of your wall
  • Turn on the cooler and set the fan speed of your choice   

Please ensure to check the water tank at regular interval and it may require refilling after few hours of operation. It has indicator that will help you know when refilling is needed and you have to refill the water reservoir with water and continue using it. 

Where to Order Arctos Portable AC?

If you are interested in buying the cooler, you have to visit the official website. There is no other source from where it can be ordered.

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