Are colleges still worth your time in the modern day?

College used to be something that people never debated. The path in life was simple; you go to high school, go to college, then university and then you found a job. It was an easy set of decisions that led to a simple and successful life. However, these days, there are far more ways to go about building yourself a stable career and there are more and more reasons to avoid going to college.

But we don’t believe it’s that simple. By avoiding college, you’re essentially giving up a stable and often simple path in life that many people would prefer to the ups and downs of an entrepreneurial and independent lifestyle. So in this post, we’re going to talk about if college is still worth your time and what kind of person it’s designed for.

A degree helps, but experience can get you further

In the past, a degree would greatly improve your chances of applying to certain jobs. If you had a degree, you’d be first in line compared to others without a degree, even if they had more experience. However, that’s only really true for a corporate office job. Nowadays, there are far more unique job opportunities that can lead to interesting career paths, and most of them rely more on experience and portfolios than a degree.

While it’s risky, having a lot of experience (even if it’s in a lower-level job in the industry) can help you establish a successful life. It’s definitely an option for someone that already has experience in a particular field and wants to improve themselves in a more practical sense.

There are many alternatives to traditional colleges

Colleges tend to be a good idea for people that want a stable lifestyle. Unfortunately, attending college can be tricky for some people. Perhaps the college you want to go to is far away, or maybe you’re unsure about moving to a different part of the city or country just to study. These days, there are online course opportunities from institutes such as Kettering University that teach everything from business administration to engineering management. These online degrees are proving to be extremely successful since they allow you to control how much time you put into studying while also giving you the freedom to work while you learn.

However, it’s important to remember that you need a high level of self-discipline if you want to obtain an online degree. Most of the study materials are hosted on their website and you’re expected to go through them yourself. While you can ask for assistance now and then, it’s not as easy as speaking to your lecturer in a typical course.

At the end of the day, the value of college highly depends on the person. If you prefer to have a much simpler and straightforward path in life, then college can still be an excellent choice. However, if you already know what your passions are and are willing to invest in them, do consider alternate paths through life such as online courses or entrepreneurship.