Are mobile casinos more popular than desktop casinos

Online casinos have phenomenally transformed today’s gambling industry. The gambling industry currently offers an endless number of online casinos that can be accessed from any gadget of your choice and comfort. But convenience, safety, and easy payment options have made it even more convincing for players to switch to mobile casino apps from the earlier desktop versions.

Truth be told, the online casino experience is great on both mobiles and desktops. But the most common question is about their popularity. So, which one is more popular among mobile casinos and desktop casinos?

Let us find out below.

Online gambling through desktop

Online gambling experience is comparatively better on desktops as these unlock better features and makes you take your complete gaming experience to another level. For example, if you check out the gambling games at Wildz via desktop, you get access to every feature which enables you to play the game in a new dimension.


  • You get access to every feature and type of game, including the classic and modern game levels.
  • The games present better offers regularly.
  • The desktop casinos are well guarded by the SLL digital security encryption and have a long list of payment and withdrawal options.
  • You get access to high-definition videos.


  • The major drawback of gambling via desktop is restricted mobility; you cannot carry the device with you with the same ease as mobile phones. Of course, you can carry laptops with you, but the comfort level hits different when it comes to mobile gaming.

Online gambling through mobile phones

Mobile casinos have taken a huge leap in a very concise time frame. They have changed the face of gambling and how people play games online. The center of attraction of mobile casinos is the ability to access the games from anywhere across the world. Playing online casino games on mobiles includes both advantages and disadvantages. 


  • With a strong internet connection, you can easily access any casino game on your mobile anytime, anywhere.
  • As these games are accessible only on smartphones, the touch screen feature makes the gaming part effortless.
  • The majority of games accessible through mobile phones do not need to be downloaded and can be played instantly.
  • The bonuses and offers received by the gamer on both mobile and desktop casinos don't vary greatly.
  • You can play casino games without considering the location as mobile phones are easy to carry around, but desktops are not.
  • You are provided with multiple payments and withdrawal options, including Visa, UPI, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, and more.


  • The number of games available for the players is not as vast as on Desktops.
  • The funding options available on mobile casinos are limited.
  • A weak internet connection can interfere with your game on mobile and cause lag.
  • There are zero promotions and offers available in mobile casino games.

Wrapping it up

The number of people using mobile and desktop casinos is almost the same, and both are equally popular. If you are looking for the best gaming experience, the desktop casino is the right choice. Mobile casinos have a promising future in gambling because you are free to access mobile casinos regardless of time and location.

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