Are security guards needed everywhere in Canada?

Crime rates are increasing in many parts of Canada, and COVID-19 has only made the crime situation worse. Due to the increase in crime, the demand for security guards has also increased.

However, the security team that you choose must be transparent, reliable, and competent. A well trained guard will have the equipment and skills needed to protect you, your assets, and your employees. They can also provide peace of mind, and will serve as a deterrent for would-be criminals by simply being present.

Here, we will discuss the need for security guards, and whether or not you need to hire several guards in order to protect your property.

Important Places Where Security Guards are Needed

Regardless of era, time, or place, the need for security has and always will be a top priority in a Canada that is rampant with criminal activity. Security systems have evolved over the years, and the role of security guards has also changed through the last few decades.

Security guards will be of great help at an office. They can also help protect and surveil a factory, as well as hospitals, malls, and retail stores. COVID-19 has only increased the need for security personnel.

Many additional guards have been hired to protect staff, patients, and others at numerous hospitals. They can also provide directions for new patients who need to get tested for the virus. With tensions at an all-time high, security guards can help de-escalate a situation quickly.

Public places, such as parks, can also benefit from the presence of guards. For example, statues may be vandalized, and arsonists may start fires if there are no guards present. As well, construction sites with valuable equipment and materials may require security guards in order to protect assets while staff are off-duty. As can be seen, the need for security guards has only increased since 2020.

Types of Security Guards

Uniformed security guards will protect the people and property in the area that they are responsible for. Many such guards will protect banks, supermarkets, and malls.

Unarmed security guards also wear uniforms, and will serve as an onsite presence to help deter crime. In addition to protecting your premises, they will monitor your detection systems on your behalf. They are trained to respond to threats quickly, while reducing the risk of harm to property and civilians.

As for armed security guards, many VIPs, such as politicians and celebrities, hire them in order to protect them from assassins and the paparazzi. Additional certification and training are required in order to become an armed guard, as they will carry lethal weapons.

Corporate security guards are often hired by corporate enterprises. They are trained to deal with employees as well as clients. They will receive both regular training in order to perform everyday security tasks, as well as additional training to work in a corporate environment.

Warehouse security guards are hired for warehouses that require access control. They are trained so that they can monitor the entire vicinity. They are also trained to protect the assets that are housed within the warehouse.

Benefits of Investing in Security Guards

The primary objective of a security guard is to prevent criminal activity. Their very presence will often serve as a deterrent, as criminals do not want to confront highly trained security personnel, especially if they are armed.

They are also trained to monitor and patrol your establishment thoroughly. Any suspicious activity or safety or health hazards that are detected will quickly be rectified. Additionally, security guards receive CPR training, so they can provide medical assistance should someone become injured or ill while on your premises.

Hiring security guards will provide peace of mind, and assure the safety and security of all personnel, clients, and business assets. They can also promote good customer service and help increase revenue, as a security team will motivate consumers to use your products and services.

Having a dedicated security team will show clients that you are serious about their safety and well-being, and may also help boost the reputation and prestige of your enterprise.

Hiring security personnel offers numerous benefits, yet the investment doesn’t end there. It’s crucial to provide security personnel with high-quality tools and devices, including uniforms, handcuffs, and various security equipment. Additionally, you may find investing in vehicles for your officers is necessary. This underscores the critical importance of providing security personnel with efficient equipment for both personal protection and communication. A continuous flow of cutting-edge communication gadgets, such as discreet wireless earpieces or a radio headset for discreet communication, ensures seamless and effective contact. Self-defense tools encompass more than traditional weapons like firearms and blades; they also include non-lethal alternatives such as stun guns and sprays, all of which are a must for establishing comprehensive security protocols.

Security Matters

As can be seen, there are many benefits to hiring security guards to monitor and protect your business. Even individuals can greatly benefit from hiring a guard or several highly trained security guards.

Without an onsite security guard presence, your employees, clients, and business assets may be vulnerable to vandals, squatters, arsonists, thieves, and even violent and deranged criminals. The need for security has, thus, never been greater. However, you should take the time to hire a reputable company, as not all security companies are created equal.

Photo: Ryan McGuirePixabay