Are smart light bulbs the future of lighting?

Visit any hardware store and you will see a display of simple light bulbs plus an extensive range of other light bulbs. They are available in many sizes like humungous lights, miniature lights, normal-sized lights, compact lights, etc.

They also vary in types like halogen, incandescent, compact fluorescent, LED, etc. Then again, in different colors like cool white, bright white, soft white, etc. You can never run out of light options.

But when it comes to power utilization, smart light bulbs are considered by many. People may want to use smart lighting in their homes due for many reasons — everyone knows that ordinary and non-updated lighting eats up more power, irritates your health, are bad for the environment, and many more.

Such disadvantages paved the way to revolutionize smart lighting. It is such a fascinating innovation of technology that allows people to control lighting at home. It is more energy-conserving, no irritation to health, Bluetooth & internet connectivity, quick sensors, etc. Hence, smart lighting is now considered an energy-saving tactic in smart homes.

This generation is growing with more advanced development in technology. So, even when you buy a smart light bulb, the connectivity feature comes to mind first. Take, for example, the smart light bulb Alexa. This light bulb of Lepro has features like voice control, dimmable brightness tone. It is designed to be compatible with Google Home & Alexa. You can obviously find a lot of them in the market.

All these innovative features are the need of the future. Its increasing demand has already left the regular LED and fluorescent light bulbs behind. To better understand how intelligent lights are, the revolutionized lighting method should know its major good points. Nevertheless, the hype around smart lighting is so much that you can really consider it as the future of lighting.

In this post, you can read about things that smart light bulbs can do. It is named smart for a reason, though. It does stuff that ordinary light bulbs cannot offer.

1. It can change color.

Finding a place with a correct light setting is challenging. Moreover, having perfect lighting as per preference helps set the vibe and mood of the area. Everyone is so busy that just turning on and off or dimming the light bulbs is not enough.

Smart light bulbs are such a blessing in the lighting industry. It satisfied the customers with comprehensive experience and the seller and producer with a more profitable business.

Smart bulbs with color change features are so helpful in several ways. For instance, to change the room's feel, cooling down the light brightness, theme color for parties, adding intensity to objects, and so many more.

2. It can aid you to sleep better.

The most unique feature of specifically designed smart light bulbs for bedrooms and rest areas is to help you induce sleep. It is a solution to reduce the problem of insomnia or non-sleepiness due to poor quality lighting.

These smart bulbs can transition their light as per the day and night light, which prepares the mindset and triggers the person's sleep-inducing hormones to sleep better. You can get these fantastic bulbs from anywhere.

3. It has a customizable light option.

This customizable light option is available in both smart light bulbs and specifically designed smart light bulbs. You can operate this option with just a tap on the connected smartphone to a single bulb or more all at once to either brighten or dim them.

Smart light bulbs with user-friendly customizations are a popular choice in business property and private residences. You can set a time before customizing certain lights.

You can dim the lights without having to install extra dimmer switches in the house. You can do so by just using the smart bulb's respective app or connected smart device.

4. It can be controlled.

You can control the smart light bulbs from anywhere with just a tap on the connected device. Suppose you are not at home or forgot to turn off the light switch at work. Then, you can turn on the lights at home from afar and turn the office light off. This convenience would help to keep your house safe and save electricity at the office.

You can also sync the lights and control them all together with one app or device. It is a very convenient and easy-to-use feature for those who mostly stay away from home.

5. It has a blue-light filter.

Not all, but some of the smart light bulbs may have the blue-light filter feature. An individual who spent more time on the electronic devices before sleep would probably get poor or no sleep. This is the effect of the blue-lit screens of the electronic devices.

These days, most of the apps automatically turn on the night theme to filter out the blue light.

Photo: Etienne Girardet, Unsplash