Beginner’s guide to NFL: Super Bowl and teams to root for

On the first Sunday of February this year, tens of millions of eyes of American spectators will be glued to their television sets to watch the American football game they call the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the biggest game event across the 51 states of United States America.

Most, if not all, residents of good ol' United States of America have heard of the Super Bowl. This is the annual championship event for the National Football League or NFL. The winner gets to bring home the much-coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy, the ultimate prize in the eyes of a football team. Nothing else matters.

The Super Bowl is the final game of the National Football League (NFL) season, which comprises 272 games in only 18 weeks. Each of the 32 teams is only given 17 games. Hence, one can imagine how important every game is to the players, the coach, the team managers, and an avid fan. Each battle against an enemy is a crucial step toward a trophy that means the universe to many, especially the team.

Since 1966, the sport's popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. During the season, every other television channel shows analysts talking about previous games and divining the next ones, replays of highlights of crucial games, and interviews of players, coaches, and followers.

Which Teams To Follow?

If you are a new fan of the NFL and cannot wait to watch one of the biggest cultural events of the year, which is the Super Bowl, there are some things you should know. One of those is, which teams have the potential to play in the championship next month? The first teams to be mentioned are the three strongest ones, and the rest are those who also have the potential to win.

Today's most promising team that can win the Super Bowl is the Green Bay Packers, the same team that won the first two "Lombadis" ( although the championship trophies were not called that yet).

This team is a great bet on the NFL Super Bowl. The current record of the team is 13-4 wins vs. losses. They have an efficient offense, and they have its star player Aaron Rodgers who won back-to-back NFL MVP awards. However, their downfall is their defense.

Another team to watch out for and you can bet for, the second runner up to the Green Bay Packers is the Kansas City Chiefs. This team is the crowd favorite, and it is hoping to make its third straight appearance in the Super Bowl again. This dream is not far ahead as they are one of the best teams with 12-5 wins vs. losses.

The previous champion, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is another team not to miss. Besides beating the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, this team is still going strong with 13-4. This team, however, is dealing with a lot of injured players. Although they have struggled with their players this year, it is hard to dismiss that they have the greatest quarterback in league history.

So, the countdown begins. The plot is getting thicker and thicker by the day as the moment of reckoning nears.

Why is the NFL so fascinating to Americans of all ages, sizes, and colors? Is it because football embodies the principle behind the American dream and lifestyle?

Football is not for wimps and soft-hearted. This is easy to tell once you watch a game. There were so many violent contacts as the players pushed and shoved each other while thousands of spectators noisily cheered and jeered, depending on which side they were on.

Everyone in the arena has one objective: Reach the goal by any means.

But a deeper look at the game, one can slowly notice that beyond the apparent brutality and seeming savagery (one is easily reminded of the Roman gladiators), there is beauty in the game.

The coaches' strategies, tactics, and clever tricks, the speed, grace, and strength of the players of different positions, the eagle-like eyes and amazing judgment calls of the referees, and the deep knowledge and understanding of the spectators are a wonder to behold.

It's no wonder the NFL, especially "the Big Game" otherwise known as the Super Bowl, is exhilarating, exceedingly exciting, addictive, and even liberating.

Whether the Green Bay Packers, the Kansas City Chiefs, or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will host the much-coveted Lombardi trophy come first Sunday of February 2022, the popularity of the NFL and the game of football will undoubtedly continue for years to come.