Best fantasy football strategy: 10 ways to hit the jackpot In DFS football

Your wildest dream of earning a multi-million-dollar for betting on DFS football is possible. Many DFS bettors are heading towards boosting their bankroll when playing fantasy football, spending dedication, effort, money, and time. Aside from the opportunity of earning big, your chance of creating a dream team lies in your hands.

Now that the NFL regular season is back, you can use your dedicated bookies to play fantasy football games. You can either wager for Cash Games, which will double-up your earnings, or take risks on GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool), where it offers massive prizes. Whatever category you are most comfortable playing, there is always a chance for you to win.

While it's true that your main goal when betting DFS football is to win, robbing another bettor's chance of winning is another objective.

Here are some Daily Fantasy Football techniques to take a step ahead of your fantasy league games to help you achieve that.

Plan Ahead

Similar to the goal of passing an examination, you have to study first to absorb the right answers. In DFS football, you must plan ahead before giving your effort to form your fantasy team and compete with other bettors.

Planning ahead includes observing the drafting process, taking a closer look at each team, and knowing your competitors.

Familiarize the Whole Rules of the League

Although bookies follow the same format when it comes to DFS football, some rules can vary in every league. It can either come in the promotions added by the bookie or the current situation of the season.

Make sure to read and comprehend each league's rules before you layout a dime to set proper expectations.

Check Each Team's Full Schedule

Regardless of what team your fantasy player belongs, you should get the best man to include in your roster. While you do this job, you must consider looking at each team's full schedule.

It is to understand how they will face their rival. Besides that, you can compare player statistics and know if you need to retain or replace them.

Expert's Advice Are Good, But Don't Mind Too Much

When you're sitting on your couch drinking a cocktail or coffee, you can read expert's advice on how to win at DFS football. While this is one of the best ways to build fantasy football plays, don't mind them too much.

Expert's advice is based on personal thoughts and experiences, and might not work in your situation at times.


As a DFS bettor, your attitude towards playing fantasy games will greatly affect your success. You must accept that DFS football is a form of gambling, and you can either win or lose.

Whatever the result looks like, you should stay your cool and move on right away. Don't let your emotions flow when you lose, and when you win.

Your First Pick Should Be Quarterbacks

Of all the football field positions, the first pick you should make in your fantasy football must be the quarterbacks.

The QBs are the team's head and lead other players both on the offensive and defensive side. When picking a QB, always be reminded of their current team and scoring statistics.

Draft the Best Players

You don't need to spend time looking up to the sky and risking for a player in your next DFS plays. To get the job done, you must draft and pick the best available players.

It does not only apply to the QB's but all the positions in the field. You have to exert your effort by comparing each player's current performance to find the best ones.

Get the Finest Kicker In the League

Kickers don't get so much respect in fantasy football games, but they take a heavier responsibility of bringing your DFS football team to the spotlight. Find the finest kicker in the league who can make the offensive plays of the team more solid.

Consider Bye Weeks

Bye weeks are common to DFS football, where a player takes a rest. If you bet on DFS football, yet the initial player you pick is on a bye week, you must find a suitable replacement. Bye weeks need to be observed ahead of time to avoid getting caught up in picking a player who can perform weaker.

Observe Injury Records

It is the most important factor to consider when playing DFS football. Players can meet injuries within the league, which is an unfortunate yet inevitable circumstance. If this happens, the destiny of the team to win the season is affected.

The same with your DFS football picks, you can find a replacement player right away when your initial pick gets injured.


All DFS football players have the same goal, and that is to win and out beat other bettors. It is the reason why most of them are exerting their best efforts to form the strongest and powerful fantasy football group. Thus, if you want to steal your rival's chance of winning, the tips above will significantly help.

Photo: Janrye, Pixabay